Leaving home (school)

One student talks about making the transition to public school

One student talks about making the transition to public school

December 02, 2008|By ZOE CHAPPELLE / Pulse correspondent

The first day of school has never meant anything to me in the past. Just another day to go to work at the horse farm, kayak, hike or just chill.

If you had asked me last winter, spring or even most of the way through the summer, I would have thought this year was going to be the same.

I have been thinking about whether I wanted to go to public school this year. I'm a very adventurous and curious person, and I have always wondered what public school would be like. I knew I would have the chance to go to public school because my parents have given all my older siblings the opportunity to go to high school. 

After a lot of thought, prayer and talking to friends and family I decided to at least try public school. But I didn't make up my mind until about a week before public school started.


I loved being home schooled, though, and did not think I would like public school. It was hard at first starting school with only a couple friends at public school. I felt (and still do) like everyone already has their little group of friends and that not everyone is willing to include another person. But I am not willing to change who I am to fit in.

Now that I'm going to public school one of the questions I get is why did I quit homeschooling to go to public school? Well, I wanted to try something new. And I wanted to see how I would do academically. I'm doing pretty well.

The hardest thing is being inside all day long. Even though I am learning a lot, I feel like I get nothing done, because I am used to being outside almost every day and have hands-on learning. I love the outdoors.

I am definitely glad I decided to try public school. If you are home schooled you will never know what public school is really like unless you try it. Just like a students who goes to public school wouldn't really know what home schooling is like until he or she tried it.

People ask me if I like public school. Well, I'm still deciding on that one. I mean everyone has good and bad days. It's a new adventure.

Top 3 likes and dislikes
about home school vs. public school

Home school


1. Being able to ski, ride horses, kayak, etc., on school days.

2. Sleeping in.

3. Going on vacation to cool places during school through the school year.


1. Not getting to be around friends as often.

2. Having to baby-sit my younger siblings a lot.

3. Not knowing what public school was like.

Public school


1. It's something new.

2. Good teachers.

3. Making new friends!


1. Getting up early every morning.

2. Being in school all day, five days a week. (And it seems when you are not in school, you're doing homework.)

3. Waiting in the cold for the bus.

-- Zoe Chappelle

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