Hagerstown High class of '40 gathers

November 30, 2008

Although some were dreaming that this was the Valencia across from the old Hagerstown High School, it was actually the school's 68th class reunion, held recently at Fountain Head Country Club.

Flowers of maroon and gray bedecked each table, made possible by class member Bettie Shadrach Hyssong.

Next were napkin holders with the same color scheme, made by class member Juanita Trovinger Moats. There were also badges made by class members Joseph and Mary Black Stains-Ecker.

As guests entered, they were greeted by Juanita and Mary with a welcoming smile, and each was given a badge.

As the guests found seating, they were pleased to find a maroon and gray program booklet at each place setting. The program contained pictures from 1940, along with pictures taken by Joe Ecker at the 2007 reunion, and pictures of a memorial for class members who were killed in World War II or the Korean conflict, which was erected by classmates in 1996 at Martin "Marty" L. Snook Memorial Park in Halfway. The booklet was produced by Joe and Mary Ecker.


Before and during lunch, melodies provided by "Sentimental Sounds" were enjoyed by all. One couple, Juanita and Stan, even ventured out onto the dance floor.

Host and planning committee chairman Robert Hyssong welcomed the 26 members present from a class of 358. Following lunch, Bob also led a memorial service for the eight class members who died this past year.

Several messages were received from classmates who were unable to attend.

The seven members of the planning committee strive to make the get-togethers of classmates enjoyable occasions. The committee is already making plans for the 69th class reunion in 2009.

Incidentally, it is from the planning committee that two members, Mary Black Stains-Ecker and Joseph Ecker, joined together just four years ago. They say they are two new regenerated antiques as a result of their union.

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