Area residents say they'll scale back holiday shopping

November 27, 2008|By MIKKEL WALLECH / For The Herald-Mail

Black Friday is one of the top shopping days of the year.

With the holiday shopping season upon them, area residents talked this week about the troubled economy and the effect it would have on their holiday shopping.

Jeannie Dunmoyer, 47, of Hagerstown, said that with the cost of everyday necessities on the rise, she is forced to cut back this holiday season.

"I will definitely have to cut back this year," she said. "The cost of gasoline, although coming down now, really forced me to cut back when it was high. That, and also food prices are on the rise, so this will definitely be a smaller Christmas."


Florence Olajide, 45, of Hagerstown, also said she expected to be buying less this year.

"I will be buying less this year due to the inconsistent gas prices and the fact that food prices are on the rise," she said. "Until the economy strengthens, I have to try to save anywhere I can."

Terry Irving, 47, of Hagerstown, said she, too, expects to cut back her holiday buying.

"There just isn't enough funds to go around this year," Irving said. "I still want to get quality gifts, but the amount of gifts I purchase will have to be cut back, and also, I will be looking to get people practical gifts, gifts people need."

Melissa Fox, 39, of Hagerstown said she will be trying to save this holiday season, in part because of some added expenses.

"My daughter just recently started college, so that and the fact that gasoline prices have been so inconsistent lately is the reason I am cutting back a little this holiday season," Fox said.

Bruce Field, 61, said he is not a big shopper so the struggling economy will not affect him.

"I am modest in my gift buying every year anyway, so the economy is not a concern for me this year," Field said. "I never spend more than I can comfortably afford."

Dick Ebersole, 65, of Hagerstown felt he was in good shape with the holidays approaching.

"I am retired, so I have a fixed income that has stayed the same for years," Ebersole said. "Not to say I'm not affected by the economy, but it's just not as much as others are affected."

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