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November 24, 2008

Last week's question:

Recently, Hagerstown Community College announced it might face $1 million in state budget cuts. Is this the best place to cut the budget?

o No. Cut the roads budget. We need education, but can live with potholes. - 7 votes (4 percent)

o No. Cut the police budget. They write too many tickets. - 8 votes (4 percent)

o No. Cut state lawmakers' perks. When we suffer, so should they. - 160 votes (83 percent)

o Yes. "Book learning" and college mean less than common sense. - 17 votes (9 percent)


o Posted by truthteller, Nov. 14

I find the last choice to be rather interesting. What is common sense? Whose common sense are we going to follow?


o Posted by notlaffen, Nov. 16

I didn't vote because I have not reviewed the entire state budget. Therefore I do not know if this is the "best" place to cut the budget. This is a wonderful question though because I will learn a lot about the intelligence of all the people who do vote and perhaps comment.

o Posted by olddude, Nov. 17

Cutting lawmaker's perks might be better than cutting the HCC budget but we need to know what perks lawmakers have and how much would be saved. We probably can't touch their greatest perks, favors they receive from wealthy constituents in exchange for protecting their special interests.

o Posted by justthink, Nov. 18

I doubt there are enough perks to cut to make much of a dent in education costs ... though cutting perks is commendable.

o Posted by bjn, Nov. 19

If "most" local/state/federal government workers stepped up to the plate and did what they were hired to do a budget cut may not have been necessary. It is no surprise a cut is needed after years of uncontrolled hiring and absent or rather negligent supervision. The government's answer to inadequate employees is to hire another one and let the other one sort small and large paperclips all day!

There shouldn't be a budget cut but rather a "house cleaning!"

This is a cry for help to all of the supervisors out there: "Hello, you requested the title, now how about filling the position?"

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This week's question

As the federal government offers billions in bailout cash for large industries, small, local companies are feeling the pain of a struggling economy. What can state, local or federal governments do to help them?

o Offer them a tax break.

o Purchase more goods and services from them for government use.

o Buy a stake in those businesses.

o Give them tax credits to hire the unemployed.

o Let them alone. Nobody's helping me out.

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