San Mar celebration features night of 'stars'


HAGERSTOWN - After a lively musical takeoff of "Spirit In the Sky," four Washington County clergymen made it clear that "Sunday will never be the same."

Emcee Stacey Drake made that analogy Saturday night as the San Mar Children's Home celebrated its 125th anniversary at the Hagerstown Elks Club with dinner and unique entertainment featuring attorneys, business leaders, emergency services personnel and elected officials lip synching to classic songs of yesteryear.

Ministers Donald Conley, Fred Harris, Gerrard Fess and David Vance donned wigs and hats reminiscent of Dr. Seuss and a court jester in their interpretation of the Norman Greenbaum classic.

Not to be outdone, Washington County Public Schools Superintendent Elizabeth Morgan led a group of school administrators in cheerleader outfits and football and band uniforms in their version of The Beach Boys' "Be True to Your School."


A gurney was pushed into the spotlight when four of Washington County's physicians performed mock surgery on Dr. Edward Ditto - with saws, lawn tools and mallets.

Doctors Allen Ditto, Ralph Salvagno, Howard Weeks and Stephen Kotch did their job so well that the "patient" was able to get up and dance away.

Later performances featured businesswomen Judy Greenwald, Cynthia Moler, Cynthia Perini and Peggy Bushey performing "9 to 5," and emergency response personnel with their version of "Rock Around the Clock."

Linda Altizer, president of the San Mar board of managers, said she was pleased with the turnout of about 350 for the fundraiser celebration.

"This is the first time we've done anything like this at San Mar," she said, noting similar efforts she had worked on at Washington County Hospital in years past.

On a serious note, Altizer spoke of the many examples of children turning their lives around after coming into the San Mar family.

Bruce Anderson, CEO of San Mar since 1986, received a plaque for his work at the children's home, which was founded in 1883 on South Potomac Street in Hagerstown.

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