What's in a name for Tuesday in October?

Frontman says band, and its name, are 'here to stay'

Frontman says band, and its name, are 'here to stay'

November 20, 2008|By TIFFANY ARNOLD

Keeping track of the former names and member lineups of Tuesday in October was kind of like keeping track of who begot whom in the Old Testament.

Name changes and new members aside - the current four-man lineup has been together for two years - Tuesday in October has kept a loyal following, said the band's 37-year-old frontman Eric Steigerwald, a Hagerstown native now living in Baltimore.

He says the band has found its sound and its name and is sticking with them.

Tuesday in October will play a three-hour set at Duffy's on Potomac on Wednesday, Nov. 26, for "Downtown Live - The Gobbler," a Thanksgiving event.

If Steigerwald's name seems familiar, it's because his high school garage band, Alibi, used to perform at North Hagerstown High School's pep rallies and talent shows. Steigerwald graduated from North High in 1989. After that, his college band, Cry Wolf, played at Hagerstown venues.


Steigerwald said he moved to Baltimore 10 years ago to take a job and has been in and out of several bands since then.

Tuesday in October - formerly known as "Radio Nation," "Algernon" and a few other names, depending on which certain configurations you include - falls safely in the pop rock genre, Steigerwald said. The band's fans, he said, likely keep Goo Goo Dolls, Creed and Three Doors Down in heavy rotation on their iPods.

Steigerwald writes the lyrics and everybody helps etch out the melody. Steigerwald said they aim for emotional, melody-driven tunes.

While Tuesday in October will likely play many, many covers during the Hagerstown show, the band has 35 original songs in its repertoire. The uptempo "Forever Remain" and "John Hughes" are a couple songs the band tries to get in every show, Steigerwald said.

Still unsigned, Tuesday in October plans to release an album of new material in 2009.

About Tuesday in October

Genre - Pop, rock

Hometown - Baltimore

Lead vocals, guitar - Eric Steigerwald

Vocals, lead guitar - Phil Eakens

Drums, percussion - Pat Cremins

Bass, vocals - Jason Shaw

Upcoming show - Wednesday, Nov. 26, at Duffy's on Potomac. Go to for more information.

Web -;

Q&A with Eric Steigerwald, frontman of Tuesday in October

So, given all the name changes, lineup changes, how do you guys keep a steady following?
At this point, Tuesday in October is here to stay. It's too difficult to change because when you keep changing names, you shift fan bases. We promote ourselves on our MySpace page. We have a personal space. We have a consistent fan base that follows us along and there's some new folks.

You've played in Hagerstown, but now you guys are based in Baltimore. How are the scenes different?
Baltimore has so many great bands, but as many great bands as it has, there's not one really big, great rock club. There are many small, decent venues. Every time I come up to Hagerstown, there's a new venue. It's becoming more and more music friendly.

Where do you guys see yourselves 10 years from now?
The goal would be to have a gold or platinum album hanging on my wall. Realistically? Still playing out, still writing music and loving it. You have to be realistic, keep your feet on the ground. You kind of give it all you got, but you still have to pay the bills.

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