Ranson considers raising sewer rates

November 19, 2008|By DAVE McMILLION

RANSON, W.Va. - A Ranson City Council member objected Tuesday night to a city proposal to raise its residential sewer rates 22.4 percent.

Council member Howard Shade said he was concerned how the proposed rate increase would affect people on fixed incomes, like retired individuals.

Shade suggested that the city give fixed income individuals a break on rates and make up the difference through business tax revenue.

Mayor David Hamill said the city cannot legally subsidize sewer operations with other types of revenue.

City Attorney Andy Blake said Ranson needs to increase its sewer rates because of increased treatment rates from the City of Charles Town, which treats Ranson's sewage.


Ranson also needs to upgrade sewer pump stations and sewer lines, Blake said.

On average, about 4,500 gallons of sewage from Ranson need to be treated each month, Blake said.

Using that average, monthly sewage rates would increase from $29.13 a month to $35.64 a month under the rate increase, Blake said.

Ranson City Council members passed the first reading of the rate increase Tuesday night and a public hearing and second reading will be held Dec. 16. The new rates are scheduled to go into effect Feb. 1, Blake said.

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