Developers request project extensions in Antrim Township

November 19, 2008|By KATE S. ALEXANDER

The Antrim Township Board of Supervisors Tuesday voted to extend the submission deadlines of five development plans by an additional 180 days.

In the last three months, the board has voted with little discussion to extend plans for 481 residential lots and three commercial developments in the township. Its planning commission has recommended additional time for up to 160 other proposed lots.

The exponential growth across the township in the early 21st century has all but slowed to a halt in the wake of the latest economic downturn, officials said.

Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer Sylvia House said most developers have stopped pushing to meet deadlines and address comments on proposed projects.


"With the way the economy is, they (developers) are not pushing through to address comments on their plans," she said. "The dates (deadlines) were good for the township, but the developers requested extensions."

With no discussion, the board voted Tuesday to give an additional six months of time to the 192-lot Preserve at Greencastle, the 85-lot Heritage Hills, the 14-lot Kingsbrook Meadows residential developments as well as the commercial development plans of I-81 Equipment Sales and the Antrim Commons Business Park.

The five extension requests cited issues ranging from the declining credit market and changes in project leadership to efforts to meet the Department of Environmental Protection and township requirements as reasons for needing more time.

The township can grant as many extensions as its sees fit, House said.

In October, supervisors granted a "one-time" only extension to Paradise Estates to pay fees and obtain a bond.

As long as both parties agree to additional time and the project progresses, House said there is no limit to how many extensions the township can approve.

Of the plans extended on Tuesday, the 85-lot Heritage Hills development has been before the township the longest. It was submitted by Creative Homes in 2004, according to township minutes.

While the others have yet to drag out as long, House said she does not anticipate much being done on the plans in the next six months.

The issue:

Antrim Township is not likely to see any new housing development over the next six months since the board has granted 180-day extension request for 481 proposed residential units in the township and its planning commission has recommended extending the projects for an additional 160 units.

Why it matters:

In November the board voted to extend the following plans:

o Antrim Commons Business Park, 8-lot commercial and industrial development

o I-81 Equipment Sales, commercial development on Antrim Church Road

o Heritage Hills, 85-lot residential development along Buchanan Trail West

o Kingsbrook Meadows, 14-lot residential development along McClanahan Road

o Preserve at Greencastle, 192-lot residential subdivision at Castlegreen Drive

In October, the board voted to extend the following plans:

o Paradise Estates Phase 1, 95-lot subdivision along Hoffman Road

o WCN Properties, commercial land development plan on Hykes Road

In September, the board voted to extend the following plans:

o Shadow Creek Meadows, 95-lot subdivision on Grant Shook Road

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