Washington County Commissioners discuss legislative priorities

November 19, 2008|By ERIN CUNNINGHAM

WASHINGTON COUNTY -- The Washington County Commissioners say they want to prevent commercial vehicles from parking on county roads, a problem that has persisted on French Lane adjacent to the Pilot Travel Center north of Williamsport.

However, commissioners said Wednesday they are working with the Maryland Motor Truck Association on a bill to curb that problem. They would like to propose limitations on the ability to park tractor-trailers on residential subdivision streets.

That change is included in the commissioners' list of legislative priorities, which they presented Wednesday to the county's delegation to the Maryland General Assembly.

Officials said that commissioners receive calls from citizens upset about large trucks parked in subdivisions. However, the county and the Washington County Sheriff's Department currently do not have the authority to ask them to move.


The legislation being proposed by the commissioners would solve that problem.

Another problem not addressed in that change is the problem of tractor-trailers parking illegally along French Lane. Joseph Kroboth III, the county's public works director, said he has been "snubbed" by Pilot when trying to discuss a solution to the parking problem.

Kroboth suggested barricading Pilot's driveway or erecting a concrete median.

Del. Christopher B. Shank, R-Washington, said the delegation supports the commissioners in their effort to solve the residential parking problem, saying, "Semis with loads should not be parking in residential subdivisions."

He also urged commissioners and law enforcement officials to enforce current statutes that allow them to issue $25 parking citations.

"And they laugh at you," Shank said. "Could we raise that for you?"

Other priorities presented by commissioners included issues affecting the mental health advisory committee, Circuit Court clerks, the Washington County sheriff and deputy sheriff, and the regulation of electrical services.

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