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Take the quiz to see who loves 'Twilight' the most

Take the quiz to see who loves 'Twilight' the most

November 18, 2008|By BRIGITTE GREWE / Pulse Correspondent

Here's a quick test to see if you or your friends love "Twilight" the most.

You're a true "Twilight" fan if you ...

1. Own all four books, "Twilight," "New Moon," "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn." 5 points

2. Most of those books are in hardcover. 3 points

3. All of those books are in hardcover. 5 points

4. You went to a midnight party for "Breaking Dawn" 5 points

5. You have read each book in the series at least three times each. Give yourself 5 points for every book you've read three times.

6. You plan to see the upcoming movie. 3 points

7. You're going to watch the "Twilight" movie as soon as it comes out midnight. 5 points

8. You've read "Midnight Sun" online. 5 points


9. You have a href="" target="new"> on your favorites or bookmarks. 3 points

10. You have or a "Twilight" fansite is your homepage. 3 points

11. You have some sort of "Twilight"-related thing on your MySpace/Facebook site. 5 points for each.

12. You drool over Robert Pattinson. 3 points

13. You constantly quote the book. 5 points

14. You own a "Twilight" shirt. 3 points

15. You've made a team Edward/Jacob/Japer/Alice/Emmet shirt. 5 points

16. You've dreamed of being Bella. 3 points

17. You think you are Bella. 5 points

18. You think your boyfriend reminds you of Edward. 3 points

19. Without thinking, you can read a "Twilight" book in one day. 5 points

20. You think of alternate endings for "Breaking Dawn." 5 points

o 0 to 23: You've been staked because you're hardly a fan.

o 25 to 53: The light's bothering you a little.

o 55 to 85: You're such a huge fan you're skin's turning pale.

o 90 to 188: Your love for "Twilight" is eternal.

Talk about "Twilight":

1. Would you live in Forks, Wash.?

2. Edward or Jacob? Why?

3. What's your favorite Edward-Bella moment?

4. What's your favorite Jacob-Bella moment?

5. What's your favorite Bella-Alice moment?

6. Who's your favorite character by far?

7. Who's your favorite werewolf?

8. Which character would you like to meet?

9. What's your favorite book?

10. How long did it take you to read all the books?

11. What's your dream ending?

12. Who's your least favorite character?

13. Which favorite vampire clan is your favorite?

14. What power do you think you would have if you were a vampire?

15. Do you think they picked a perfect cast for the "Twilight" movie?

16. Who's your perfect "Twilight" movie cast?

17. What are you most excited for in the movie?

18. Who's your favorite couple?

19. If you were a character from "Twilight," would you do anything differently?

20. What is your overall reaction to each book?

Brigitte Grewe, 14 is a freshman at North Hagerstown High School. She has also loved the "Twilight" books and can't wait for the movie.

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