Twilight obsession

A look at the fascination of a girl and her vampire

A look at the fascination of a girl and her vampire

November 18, 2008|By SHELBI IVES / Pulse Correspondent

This year, it seems teens can't get enough of a story about a vampire, a teenage girl and their impossible, yet unfailing, love.

Stephenie Meyer's novel series started with the release of "Twilight" in 2006. Readers faithfully followed the story of Bella and her vampire soul mate Edward with the rest of the series, "New Blood," "Eclipse" and this year's "Breaking Dawn."

On Friday, Bella and Edward's story jumps from book to screen as the first film made from the series, "Twilight," is released in theaters.

Since fans heard the first book in the series was going to be a movie, there's been nothing short of "Twilight" mania. In just about every store, there's some "Twilight"-related merchandise, whether it's a poster, shirt, CD, book - you name it, they sell it.


I've started to wonder why the majority of girls (and even some guys) I know, seem to be zombies for "Twilight."

Don't get me wrong. I love the books myself, but I seem to be able to keep my enjoyment of it under control. So that got me thinking, what separates the "Twilight" lovers from the utterly obsessed?

I've asked a few people I know about the matter, and got a good look at what opinions different people had. My friend, Taylor Calandrelle from Boonsboro, was one of the first people I went to (seeing as even her MySpace name included Team Edward).

Shelbi: So what's your favorite out of the series?
Taylor: My favorite book out of all of them is probably "Twilight."

Shelbi: Are you going to go to the midnight premiere next Friday?
Taylor: I'm not exactly sure, but I'm definitely going the day it comes out.

Shelbi: Your favorite thing about the series?
Taylor: My favorite thing is the love that Edward and Bella show each other throughout the series, the perfect love that I've always imagined for myself.

Shelbi: Why do you think so many people like it?
Taylor: I think people like it because it's both romantic and adventurous at the same time.

Shelbi: How many people do you know are obsessed with "Twilight"?
Taylor : I only know a few.

So romance and adventure seem to be the favorite part here. The next type of person was a bit harder to find, someone who loves the series, but wasn't infatuated with it. Guess who I found? Our own Pulse correspondent, Brigitte Grewe.

Shelbi: Have you noticed this new trend?
Brigitte: Yes, I have.

Shelbi: Do you think it's a bit ridiculous, or justified?
Brigitte: Some people can get out of hand with their obsession, but it's not at a point where it's ridiculous.

Shelbi: What do you think draws in so many readers?
Brigitte: What I think draws them in is the twist of the impossible romance between human and vampire. And the story plot is well written.

Shelbi: Do you think the movie will be a success?
Brigitte: Of course, "Twilight" will be a huge success, considering how many people are in love with Edward, Bella, Jacob and all of the other characters.

So, there you have it. The "Twilight" trend is definitely realized, but not as huge as it's usually portrayed.

Shelbi Ives, 14, is a freshman at North Hagerstown High School. She's read the entire "Twilight" series but doesn't want to be a vampire.

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