Landis Tool property to be discussed

November 18, 2008|By JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - A local attorney is expected to address the Waynesboro Borough Council on Wednesday about the pending subdivision of the former Landis Tool Co. property on West Sixth Street.

At issue is a potential lot that would be between the plant and adjacent land.

"Unova is subdividing it, and there's a parcel in the center that Unova would like to go with one of the two parcels," attorney Tim Misner said.

Unova, also known as Intermec Inc. of Everett, Wash., owns the property.

Borough Engineer Kevin Grubbs said the planning commission had no problem with subdividing the property into two lots, which he referred to as parcels A and B. However, the extra parcel, C, was designed as a side lot that could sell to either the buyer of A or the buyer of B.

The planning commission decided that parcel C did not work with existing regulations.


"Our subdivision and land development ordinance states that all lots must front an approved street," Grubbs said.

Misner is taking the matter to the borough council in hopes that the board will give its blessing to A, B and C.

Misner said that Cinetic Landis Grinding Corp. holds a lease on the property until the end of January. A tenant currently rents part of the property.

Earlier this year, Cinetic Landis moved its entire operations to Washington County, Md.

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