Biker babe a sizable addition to fiberglass collection

November 17, 2008|By TRISH RUDDER

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. -- A large woman wearing a purple bikini is sure to cause some double takes in the days before Thanksgiving in Morgan County.

George and Pam Farnham's Fantasy Farm in Unger, W.Va. -- about 17 miles from Berkeley Springs -- will add the newest fiberglass member to its clan next week, and this one's a very large girl.

B.B. "Biker Babe" Queen is 17 feet, 5 inches, George Farnham said. She will stand between the 21-foot-tall Midas Muffler Man and Beach Boy Brian Wilson, who is 25 feet tall.

Other tall fiberglass figures there are Big John the Grocery Guy, measuring 23 feet; Paul Bunyan, 21 feet; and two Santas, one measuring 19 feet and the other 17 feet, Farnham said.


B.B. was originally a Uniroyal Tire Gal made in 1963. About 100 were made and only 11 are left. She was found in Mississippi, he said.

Farnham said he purchased the statue last February and brought her to artist Berkeley Springs artist Lee Barron to refurbish. Barron began the reconditioning work in July, including repairing two bullet holes in the statue.

Local welder Robb Roof built a steel skeleton for her inside frame to keep her standing without being attached to poles, Barron said.

Barron's final work was painting the fiberglass figure, which he loved, he said. Along with the bikini, B.B. is wearing black high-top boots with red laces, and black, fingerless gloves.

Her fingernails are purple to match her bikini. B.B.'s auburn hair is styled like Jackie Kennedy's. Her eyes are green and her lips are painted a shade of red that required mixing colors to get just right, Barron said.

Barron painted three tattoos on the statue. A red rose was painted over her left breast, and a winged globe was painted across her navel, which is similar to the Harley-Davidson crest.

The Ulysses butterfly tattoo that was painted on top of her right thigh is just like the one Pam Farnham has on her right ankle.

"I loved painting the rose and took two days on it," Barron said. "The butterfly was magical."

Barron admitted he will miss working on the figure.

"The goal was to have the best-looking fiberglass statue in the country," Farnham said.

Most people who visit the Fantasy Farm are "disproportionately" motorcyclists, he said, so B.B. the Biker Babe will appeal to them.

"I would not be surprised if we have future requests for marriages to be performed beneath these two statues -- the Muffler Man and B.B.," Farnham said.

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