Deeds for October 2008

November 16, 2008

Deeds for October 2008

Allen L. and Teresa C. Atwood, 437 Edgewood Drive, Hagerstown, to Darryl G. Sensenbaugh, for $215,000.

Scott G. and Kelly L. Mann, 4029 Resley Road, Hancock, to Christopher W. Shoemaker, for $240,000.

Kelly L. and Jill M. Colbert, 9 Winter St., Hagerstown, to Washington County Community Action, for $80,000.

Michael K. and Georgie L. Cunningham, 233 Jefferson St., Hagerstown, to Mark Allen and Robin Sue Smith, for $215,000.

Rita J. Waugh, 304 S. Antietam St., Funkstown, to Lionel Warrenfeltz, for $179,899.

NVR Inc., 19200 Cranberry Court, Hagerstown, to Mahin H. and Nashrah A. Khan, for $575,060.

Donald A. Smith, 1126 Outer Drive, Hagerstown, to Michael and Lisa King, for $170,000.

Brian L. Mishoe, 55 Wayside Ave., Hagerstown, to Nathan A. Pagnotta, for $163,810.

K Hovnanian Homes of MD LLC, 119 Brynwood St., Hagerstown, to Selorm K. and Mercy A. Woadzro, for $226,000.


Willard Culver, 17624 Gettysburg Way, Hagerstown, to Kimberly M. and Ronald S. Coffey, for $174,900.

Beazer Homes Corp., 12945 Nittany Lion Circle, Hagerstown, to Craig and Aimee Haimowitz, for $270,171.

Robert P. and Marion S. Molten, 13342 Little Antietam Road, Hagerstown, to Paul F. and Cheryl L. Gillis, for $400,000.

Joseph and Carol A. Aruta, 23330 Angela Court, Smithsburg, to Robert A. Jr. and Gina M. Doyle, for $935,000.

Bruce O. and Jennifer L. Piehler, 18509 Rutledge Court, Hagerstown, to Allen L. and Teresa C. Atwood, for $257,500.

Robert R. Enterline, 1045 Woodland Way, Hagerstown, to Eric D. and Amanda M. Skjeveland, for $200,000.

Manor House Builders LLC, 103321 Lantern Lane, Hagerstown, to Susan Wert, for $255,900.

Michael D. Martz, 510 Guilford Ave., Hagerstown, to Donald E. Palmer Jr., for $118,000.

Carlton L. and Mary C. Howard, 17447 General Lee Drive, Sharpsburg, to John M. and Robin D. Hammond, for $273,000.

James E. Prelog II, 10620 Roberts Lane, Hagerstown, to Anshul Gupta, for $472,000.

Dale Eugene Miles and Burna Klein, 13802 Miles Farm Lane, Clear Spring, to Joseph F. Fearnow III, for $90,000.

Priority 1 Properties LLC, 551 Frederick St., Hagerstown, to Ralph E. Crawford Jr., for $127,550.

Steven D. and Kathi A. Lockhart, 1059 Georgia Ave., Hagerstown, to Michael J. and Deborah F. Williams, for $169,900.

Richard L. Burns, 10904 Tennebrook Road, Hagerstown, to Drew and Amanda Frazier, for $177,000.

Steven D. Allen, 114 Sentry Ridge, Smithsburg, to Matthew Thomas Hozhabri, for $175,000.

Gerald W. Thomas, 229 S. Mulberry St., Hagerstown, to Damon A. Gettig, for $140,000.

Virginia and William H. Slifer, 5631 Amos Reeder Road, Boonsboro, to Bradley J. and Karen E. Gaither, for $224,900.

Homesales Inc., 11 Rockingham Drive, Keedysville, to Thomas A. Prunity, for $309,900.

Shane W. Smith, 11943 Greencastle Pike, Hagerstown, to Bowman 2000 LLC, for $250,000.

Daryll A. Souders, 12814 Point Salem Road, Hagerstown, to John P. Plume Et Al, for $115,000.

Dennis J. Weaver, 13607 Indian Springs Road, Big Pool, to Benjamin Jakoby, for $279,125.

Mary C. Wetzel, 334 Vista St., Hagerstown, to Joshua David Ketterman, for $124,900.

R. Lee Downey, 17828 Sherman Ave., Hagerstown, to Robert Leroy Maphis Sr., Et Al, for $136,600.

Jeffrey T. and Kimberly S. Schnurr, 11111 Mountain View Circle, Hagerstown, to Schay Properties LLC, for $187,000.

Daniel J. and Jeanine K. McVicker, 10703 Connor Drive, Williamsport, to Ronald P. and Theresa B. Doub, for $324,900.

Rodney L. Saunders, 10737 Hershey Drive, Williamsport, to Jeffrey T. and Kimberly S. Schnurr, for $295,000.

Christopher J. and Anna H. Yambor, 131 S. Prospect St., Hagerstown, to Jennifer C. Fettig, for $324,900.

Bruce H. and Marlene Z. Henry, 54 Johnson Terrace, Smithsburg, to Katherine Morehead, for $189,900.

Michael E. and Mary C. Mellott, 11837 Greencastle Pike, Hagerstown, to Bowman 2000 LLC, for $305,000.

Medardo Moreno, 19711 Shiloh Church Road, Hagerstown, to Brian Miller, for $215,000.

DRB Financial Corporation, 18254 Roycroft Drive, Hagerstown, to Adam Dick, for $180,000.

DRB Financial Corporation, 18249 Roycroft Drive, Hagerstown, to Mark B. Danko, for $175,000.

NVR Inc., 19203 Cranberry Court, Hagerstown, to Shanna M. and Peter D. Byrd, for 366,640.

NVR Inc., 10134 Roulette Drive, Hagerstown, to April Kelly, for $367,810.

NVR Inc., 10138 Roulette Drive, Hagerstown, to Gregory A. and Katherine A. Harman, for $525,520.

Anthony W. and Debra J. Benner, 14615 Pennsylvania Ave., Hagerstown, to Tina M. Miller, for $150,000.

Perry M. and Lisa P. Kirkham, 8031 Old National Pike, Boonsboro, to Richard and Shelia Gann, for $260,000.

Dennis E. Barnes, 15435 National Pike, Hagerstown, to Angela M. Waters, for $180,000.

EK Investors LLC, 18019 Alpine Drive, Maugansville, to Larry A. and Krista L. Hose, for $242,750.

Steven A. and Janell R. Bradley, 11141 Suffolk Drive, Hagerstown, to Shaheen and Yasmine Iqbal, for $318,000.

Ausherman Homes Inc., 103 Stuart Place, Boonsboro, to Kevin T. and Holly M. Udy, for $338,060.

Shelley A. Berne, 1108 Oak Hill Ave., Hagerstown, to Stanley R. Jr. and Toni L. Shoop, for $340,000.

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