Web site redesign

November 15, 2008

Today, will be offline for part of the day while The Herald-Mail launches a redesigned site.

E-mails and phone calls from many of our Web site users helped us develop the new site. Online users asked us to help them navigate the site more easily and find the information they wanted.

You'll find most of what you're looking for by scrolling our navigation bar at the top of every Web page. The navigation bar has a horizontal drop down. When you scroll across "Home" for instance, a second navigation bar appears below and provides access to local and Tri-State news, national and world news, business and education news and obituaries.

New features include:

· Individual pages for each obituary

· New featured video players on the Home page, and on the main Sports and Arts & Living sections, will allow users to view videos in a bigger player


· Associated Press and Fox News video players on the national and world news pages

· A new look for Weekend Entertainment Guide and Pulse in the Arts & Living section

The Web site looks different, but you will find all of the information you always have visited the site to read or watch. Please let us know what you think. Send us an e-mail at

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