Smithsburg Middle School holds Veterans Day event

November 14, 2008

Smithsburg Middle School had the honor of having several veterans visit the school on Veterans Day.

The veterans represented several branches of the armed forces who served in Korea, Somalia and Vietnam.

The veterans visited classes and spoke to students about patriotism and freedom. They also shared their experiences while serving in the military.

Several were dressed in uniform and brought along items and presentations relating to the different places they had been stationed.

The visiting veterans were Warren Suker, Richard Moebius, Chief Charles Stanford of the Smithsburg Police Department, Smithburg Town Councilman Dennis "Jack" Wenthe and Charles "Bud" Lucas.

Among the veterans were several members of the Smithsburg Middle School staff, including Michael Kuhaneck, principal, Darrell Marriott, vice principal, Jesse Smith, eighth-grade social studies teacher, and Michelle Benda, band director.


Preparation began weeks before the veterans visited the school.

Kathy Edgel, paraprofessional, coordinator for the day and Jeff Coyle, a parent of a sixth-grade student, contacted veterans from the Smithsburg and Cascade area.

Vicki Reed, secretary, made certificates for the veterans and Stacy Maginnis, art teacher, had students make a mosaic flag with the names of students' family members who had served or are serving in the military.

Maginnis also had students design Christmas cards that will be sent to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dawn Reed, technology education teacher, made buttons, key chains and calendars to be presented to the veterans.

Diana Judd and the lunch ladies coordinated a special collection of items to be sent to the troops as well.

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