Franklin County solicitor announces candidacy for Common Pleas court

November 14, 2008|By DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. -- Franklin County Solicitor Shawn Meyers officially became the first candidate for judge in the 39th District of the Court of Common Pleas on Thursday, making his announcement before about 150 attorneys, elected officials, business people and other guests at the Orchards restaurant.

"A the county solicitor, I have seen first hand how three-fourths of every county tax dollar are spent on courts, corrections and crime prevention," Meyers said. "It's imperative that our judicial system operate efficiently while being effective."

"At the same time, it's critical that we all live in an area where law are enforced an d criminals held responsible for their crimes so Franklin and Fulton counties remain safe places to live and raise families," said Meyers, who was introduced by former county commissioner G. Warren Elliott.

"My practice of law has been broad and my experience extensive," Meyers said. That includes criminal and family law, and serving as local counsel to local governments and utilities since 1993.


Next year, voters in the two counties will be electing two judges, one to replace retiring President Judge John Walker and another for the newly created position of a fifth judge in the 39th District. The two judges elected next year will serve 10-year terms.

Meyers, 40, of Chambersburg, has been county solicitor since 2007 and was previously the assistant solicitor. He also served as an assistant district attorney, as did his wife, Nancy Meyers.

A registered Republican, Meyers and other judicial candidates can crossfile to run in both party primaries next May.

"Judges should be elected by all the people before whom they are going to sit and consider cases," Meyers, a partner in the Mercersburg, Pa., law firm of Steiger, Steiger and Meyers, said after his announcement.

Meyers said he will continue as county solicitor during the campaign.

"I've known Shawn for years. He's a good, honest man ... I think he'll make a terrific judge," said Sheriff Dane Anthony, one of several county and local government elected officials at the announcement.

"I've known Shawn from the time he was born ... He has a pretty level understanding of how things operate," said farmer Eugene Wingert.

"He's solid upstanding gentleman with great values ... that would lend themselves to the Court of Common Pleas," said Chambersburg Tax Collector Buzz Shank.

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