Frederick County Public Schools announces more cost-cutting measures

November 13, 2008

FREDERICK, Md. -- In a memorandum to top-level directors Wednesday evening, Frederick County Public Schools superintendent Linda Burgee announced further system-wide cost-cutting measures in "acknowledgment of increasingly tight economic times."

"The reality is that, like every organization in the county, the state and the nation, we're facing some serious future fiscal constraints. We're making these cuts now to offset inevitable future reductions in funding," Burgee said in the release.

The latest round of cutbacks, to be implemented Nov. 17, subjects all job vacancies to review for possible delay or freeze in filling the positions. The list of restrictions taking effect Monday also limits out-of-town travel, conferences and subscriptions, streamlines staff development programs and eliminates printing the annual report, the release said.

These cuts come on top of earlier steps to decrease operating expenses, including:

o An employee reclassification freeze implemented in September 2008

o Enhancements to the system's successful, ongoing energy conservation program


o Measures to reduce fuel consumption effective this school year, including consolidating bus routes countywide, which resulted in a 12 percent savings for the period from July 1 through October 31

o Substantial overtime reductions effective spring 2008

o Burgee said the FCPS management team will continue to identify and take cost-saving actions wherever possible with the goal to avoid negative effects on students and learning.

"We will be judicious not only about what we cut but also what we keep, always remembering that our core purpose is to educate children and to do it exceptionally well," she said.

The Board of Education approved Burgee's proposed financial controls Wednesday afternoon.

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