Letter to the editor

November 11, 2008

Hoover: I lost, but I'm not giving up

To the editor:

I wanted to take a minute and thank those that cast there vote for me on November 4 for the U.S. House of Representatives. The campaign was a long and hard-fought effort but well worth the fight.

Even though we did not win. the election we received 10,700 votes, which was very encouraging. Taking in consideration that we were out-spent 100 to 1 and still 10,700 people were willing to cast their vote for a third-party candidate was incredible.

Therefore, I intend to be a candidate again for the U.S. Congress in 2010, because we need change and electing a member of one of the major parties will just keep the government in the same old mindset.


I believe that the only reason we did not receive more votes was because the voters are unaware of what the Libertarian Party stands for.

So, over the next two years I am going to try to introduce the Libertarian Party to the people of the 6th district. I believe that if people knew the Libertarian Party they will agree with it, so I will attempt to spread our vision for the next two years.

The following are the principles of the Libertarian Party: Reducing America's tax burden, supporting the Second Amendment, Ending corporate welfare and government waste, delivering a world-class education to every child, defending America against foreign threats, keeping Americans safe from crime, protecting the environment, ensuring retirement security, passing a balanced budget, lifting Americans out of poverty, making health care safe and affordable, and repealing the income tax.

If you are interested in more information about the Libertarian Party you can email me at or join us and together we can change the country.

More to come, so stay tuned and take action.

Gary W Hoover Sr.
Libertarian Candidate
U.S. Congress

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