More prose personified

November 11, 2008

Students in Lisa Prejean's English classes at Heritage Academy read Mark Twain's "Dawn in the Forest" and "What Stumped Blue Jays." They were then challenged to creatively personify an animal, object or idea.

Over the next several weeks, we'll be running examples of their work.

The ship

By Ashley Jackson

The ship strolls across the water. A storm grumbles and echoes across the sea.

The ship starts tossing and turning. Waves climb to the sky. The ship knew that time was up as water swallowed it, sinking it deeper and deeper into the depths of the ocean.

Three hamsters, one adventure

By Brittany Patey

Once there were three hamsters who loved adventure. They always wanted to see what was on the other side of the river, but were always a little scared of crossing the river.


One day Spot, Fluffy and Cheeky decided that they would try to cross the river. They left the house ready for an adventure. They scampered through the woods.

Once they were at the river, Spot and Fluffy hurriedly crossed. They were followed by timid little Cheeky who wobbled the whole way across.

When she go to the other side and was about to jump onto dry land, she fell right into the rushing water.

Fluffy and Spot tried to grab her before she was swept away, but it was no use. They hurried downstream to a little pool, hoping their sister would come close enough for them to grab her.

When they saw her, they knew that they couldn't help from where they were. They found a piece of driftwood and threw it to Cheeky. She grabbed and held on for all she was worth so she would not go under with the rushing current.

Her sisters raced to a nearby bridge which they looked over to see if they could somehow reach their sister. They found a long branch and hung it over the edge so their sister could grab onto it and climb up. They soon discovered that their plan would work as long as their sister had enough strength to climb up and hang on. As soon as Cheeky came around the bend, she saw what Spot and Fluffy had done. She had just enough strength to grab on and climb up the stick.

When she was safely on the bridge, they all went straight home. At home they went right to bed, exhausted from their adventure.

They were delighted that they had achieved what they had wanted for so long: to go across the river.


By Caroline Clark

The tree's branches swayed in the breeze like arms reaching for the sky. The wind rushed through the boughs of the tree, making it sing. The trunk was like a strong body, thick and unyielding to circumstances that come along.

The tree's leaves changed color with the moods of the seasons. The tree's roots stretched far into the ground, searching for water.

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