Kaplan College Summer 2008 Dean's List

November 11, 2008

The following students were named to the Dean's List for the Summer 2008 term:

Danielle Adams, Hagerstown; Melynda Ali, Rohrerville, Md.; Georgina Bamfo, Hagerstown, Md.; Matthew Bare, Middletown, Md.; Kendra Barnhart, Knoxville, Md.; Wesley Baxter, Clear Spring, Md.; Dawn Beckley, Hagerstown, Md.; Patricia Berg, Hagerstown, Md.; Debra Bonebrake, Hagerstown, Md.;

Brezler, David Hagerstown, Md.;

Burnett, Sharnay Hagerstown, Md.;

Cintron, Rebecca Hagerstown, Md.;

Ditch, Meagan Smithsburg, Md.;

Dixon, Crystal Frederick, Md.;

Easton, Martin Williamsport , Md.;

Eisenhart, Tamara Hagerstown, Md.;

Ellis, Kristin Sharpsburg, Md.;


Enciu, Pete Hagerstown, Md.;

Estep, Raikeitia Hagerstown, Md.;

Gamber, Heather Hagerstown, Md.;

Garcia, Erica Hagerstown, Md.;

Garner, Jamie Boonsboro, Md.;

Hall, Matthew Hagerstown, Md.;

Hammond, Meagan Hagerstown, Md.;

Hare, Ron Hagerstown, Md.;

Harrison, Jennafer Frederick, Md.;

Hart, Zail Hagerstown, Md.;

Haynes, Samantha Hagerstown, Md.;

Hemstreet, Steve Hagerstown, Md.;

Henson, Loretta Hagerstown, Md.;

Howard, Lindsey Emmitsburg, Md.;

Howell, Jaimie Hagerstown, Md.;

Ireland, Fancy Myersville, Md.;

Ivosevich, Anthony Clear Spring, Md.;

Jones, Deanna Hagerstown, Md.;

Jones, Kristina Hagerstown, Md.;

Jordan, Tiffany Hagerstown, Md.;

Kershner, Cynthia Hagerstown, Md.;

Labanowski, Melodie Hagerstown, Md.;

Lehman, John Hagerstown, Md.;

Love, Amy Hagerstown, Md.;

Lutz, Jana Hagerstown, Md.;

Maples, Hillary Hagerstown, Md.;

Martin, Angela Hagerstown, Md.;

Martin, Lori Hagerstown, Md.;

Martz, Jessica Keedysville, Md.;

Martz, Sean Keedysville, Md.;

McClain, Michelle Hagerstown, Md.;

McCleary, Walisa Hagerstown, Md.;

McNair, Leonard Hagerstown, Md.;

Minnick, Jeremy Smithsburg, Md.;

Monroe, Cathy Hagerstown, Md.;

Mullenix, Lindsay Hagerstown, Md.;

Nave, Yvonne Hagerstown, Md.;

Neely, Heather Hagerstown, Md.;

Netzer, Charles Hagerstown, Md.;

Nguyen, Vu Hagerstown, Md.;

Niswander, Jessica Hagerstown, Md.;

O'Berry, Jennifer Hagerstown, Md.;

Odom, Deborah L Cascade, Md.;

Ogilvie, Kay Hagerstown, Md.;

Paulus, Ashley Hagerstown, Md.;

Pepple, William Hagerstown, Md.;

Pierce, Wilma Hancock, Md.;

Price, Batania Hagerstown, Md.;

Ray, Sabrina Hagerstown, Md.;

Richards, Aaron Hagerstown, Md.;

Riggins, Michelle Frederick, Md.;

Robinson, Frederick Frederick, Md.;

Robison, Edward Maugansville, Md.;

Saunders, Bryant Hagerstown, Md.;

Shirley, Donald Big Pool, Md.;

Siler, Casey Williamsport , Md.;

Smith, Katelyn Hagerstown, Md.;

Sublett, Mellenie Boonsboro, Md.;

Tipton, Amber Hagerstown, Md.;

Venczak, Sharon Smithsburg, Md.;

Ward, Shannon Smithsburg, Md.;

Weaver, Jillian Hagerstown, Md.;

Wigfield, Cynthia Hagerstown, Md.;

Zimmerman, Sedona Sharpsburg, Md.;

Barto, Jessica Lemasters, Pa.;

Benedict, Brandy Waynesboro, Pa.;

Bingaman, Kellie Greencastle, Pa.;

Black, Amy Chamberbsurg, Pa.;

Bowser, Samantha Greencastle, Pa.;

Brown, Jennifer Waynesboro, Pa.;

Christman, Danielle St Thomas, Pa.;

Coble, Laurie Chambersburg, Pa.;

Davis, Clark Chambersburg, Pa.;

Dennis, Heather Waynesboro, Pa.;

Dorsey, Kathleen Fayetteville, Pa.;

Eckstine, Bradley Waynesboro, Pa.;

Feldman, Ashley Chambersburg, Pa.;

Gartland, Alaina Harrisonville , Pa.;

Gossert, Kara Waynesboro, Pa.;

Hahn, Tina Waynesboro, Pa.;

Hartung, Heather Mercersburg, Pa.;

Hege, Christina St. Thomas, Pa.;

Hepfer, Tasha Chambersburg, Pa.;

Hurd, Shawn Waynesboro, Pa.;

Jackson, Katherine Chambersburg, Pa.;

Janes, Jeanne Waynesboro, Pa.;

Johns, Betty Waynesboro, Pa.;

Katsaros, John Shippensburg, Pa.;

Kauffman, Ashley Waynesboro, Pa.;

Keebaugh, Cheryl Mercersburg, Pa.;

Kendall, Viktoria Chambersburg, Pa.;

Kent, Todd Burnt Cabins, Pa.;

Lynch, Rachel Mercersburg, Pa.;

Marietta, SueEllen Chambersburg, Pa.;

Martin, Kelley Chambersburg, Pa.;

McClain, Lori Fairfield, Pa.;

McClure, Lanny Waynesboro, Pa.;

Melius, Robert Chambersburg, Pa.;

Mills, Amanda Mercersburg, Pa.;

Myers, Shawn Greencastle, Pa.;

Naugle, Christopher S Chambersburg, Pa.;

Nelson, Rosanna Warfordsburg, Pa.;

Owens, Siobhan Chambersburg, Pa.;

Perrera, Amber Fort Loudon, Pa.;

Pittman, Michelle Greencastle, Pa.;

Pyles, Cassandra Greencastle, Pa.;

Ranck, Jason Zullinger, Pa.;

Reed, Michael Waynesboro, Pa.;

Rhodes, Roxanne Mc Connellsburg, Pa.;

Richards, Rachel Chambersburg, Pa.;

Roberts, Ashley Waynesboro, Pa.;

Robinette, Caroline Hustontown, Pa.;

Rock, Heidi St Thomas, Pa.;

Rogers, Kristi Shippensburg, Pa.;

Sanders, Andrew Chambersburg, Pa.;

Scott, Michelle Waynesboro, Pa.;

Scriever, Beverly Warfordsburg, Pa.;

Shearer, Stefan Shippensburg, Pa.;

Sherman, Sandra Chambersburg, Pa.;

Sites, Tiffany Chambersburg, Pa.;

Smith, Dustin Waynesboro, Pa.;

Smith, Justin Waynesboro, Pa.;

Snyder, Courtney Greencastle, Pa.;

Sommerville, Emily Fayetteville, Pa.;

Sommerville, Jessica Fayetteville, Pa.;

Strachan, Lorie Chambersburg, Pa.;

Swartz, Jeannette Waynesboro, Pa.;

Timmons, Joyce Greencastle, Pa.;

Todd, Scott Greencastle, Pa.;

Toms, Jennifer Waynesboro, Pa.;

Walls, Mandy Fayetteville, Pa.;

Waters, Brittany Burnt Cabins, Pa.;

Weigle, Lana Waynesboro, Pa.;

Weller, Sherryl Greencastle, Pa.;

Welsh, David Mc Connellsburg, Pa.;

Wilhide, Amanda Waynesboro, Pa.;

Wivell, Mary Ann Fairfield, Pa.;

Zentmyer, Emily Fayetteville, Pa.;

Zimmerman, Brittany Newburg, Pa.;

Lambert, Jonathan Clear Brook, Pa.;

Wilson, Amy Clearbrook, Pa.;

Baker, Mary Martinsburg, W.Va.;

Brown, Jessie Falling Waters, W.Va.;

Bush, Latasha Ranson, W.Va.;

Campagna, Melissa Martinsburg, W.Va.;

Cox, Lisa Berkeley Springs, W.Va.;

DeLoof, Amber Hedgesville, W.Va.;

Foley, Thomas Gerrardstown, W.Va.;

Fromm, Christina Martinsburg, W.Va.;

Harmison, Bobbie Martinsburg, W.Va.;

Houser, Robin Falling Waters, W.Va.;

Kelbaugh, Kristin Martinsburg, W.Va.;

McCoy, Marietta Falling Waters, W.Va.;

McCullough, Susan Martinsburg, W.Va.;

Myers, Brittany Hedgesville, W.Va.;

Nelson, Belinda Charles Town, W.Va.;

Rhoads, Dawn Inwood, W.Va.;

Rhodes, Pamela Falling Waters, W.Va.;

Riner, Samantha Gerrardstown, W.Va.;

Shatzer, Courtney Falling Waters, W.Va.;

Smith, Amanda Berkeley Springs, W.Va.;

Ward, Regina Falling Waters, W.Va.

For more information please contact Sandy Shrader in the Registrar's office at 301-739-2680 Ext. 218.

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