Waynesboro woman sells items to benefit wounded service members

November 10, 2008|By JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. -- Sarah Britt finds it to be a great irony: Uncirculated coins rejected by Saddam Hussein now benefit U.S. troops.

Britt, who lives on Gehr Road, recently started selling coins and shadow boxes for Products for Good LLC. The company donates 20 percent of gross revenue to charities benefiting wounded military men and women.

Britt, a 13-year Army veteran, hopes to benefit from the sales herself and supplement her husband's income. She feels incredibly connected to the cause and still tears up when she talks about it.

"Selling them is helping the troops coming back from Iraq, and it's helping me as a disabled veteran because I don't receive any compensation," said Britt, 45.


U.S. and British soldiers found the abandoned coins while securing Iraqi banks in 2003. Sold in London, the coins ended up benefiting a Basra orphanage. Eventually, Products for Good bought the entire collection, according to the organization's Web site.

Sgt. John Borders, wounded in combat, presented the first four-coin shadow box to President Bush at the White House. Britt said the shadow boxes are arranged by mentally challenged and handicapped individuals.

The two-coin box sells for $99 and the four-coin "White House edition" sells for $149. Both have a history of the coins inside, along with other patriotic mementos. Individual coins sell for $15.

Britt first heard mention of Products for Good on the radio in late September. She quickly wrote a letter to the group.

"Mike (Crowder), the co-founder, was so touched by my letter and he contacted me," she said.

Britt, formerly of Martinsburg, W.Va., learned how the charity money benefits troops who are hospitalized and going through rehabilitation. Funds can be used, for instance, to fly children to visit hospitalized fathers, install wheelchair ramps and make mortgage payments for soldiers, she said.

Britt wants to ensure disabled troops aren't forgotten.

"There's a lot of devastation going on there," said Britt, who undergoes treatment for Crohn's disease and several other digestive conditions.

Products for Good also has several other patriotic items for sale.

For information about ordering from Britt, call her between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. at 717-749-5250 or send e-mail to

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