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November 10, 2008

Last week's question:

Now that Election 2008 is over, what other subject would you like to see more coverage of?

o How state and local government cuts will affect me and/or my family and friends. - 34 votes (53 percent)

o What is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. - 6 votes (9 percent)

o How much it will cost me for winter heating fuel and what I can do to reduce that bill. - 17 votes (27 percent)

o What new toy my child is likely to ask for this Christmas. - 3 votes (5 percent)

o None of the above. I prefer the celebrity news that I get in the tabloids. - 4 votes (6 percent)


o Posted by notlaffen on Nov. 3

"Local government cuts" has to be a joke. The county doesn't know how to cut spending, all the commissioners know is how to spend more and borrow more. Last year when property values were at an all time high, the commissioners failed to lower the property tax rate.


Next year when property values have decreased, the commissioners will vote to raise the property tax rate so that they can continue to spend more year after year. There is only one conservative Republican in the bunch, Mr. Wivell.

o Posted by justthink on Nov. 3

To notlaffen: How can you write what you have about the spending proclivities of local government, yet also speak so strongly as you have in support of Obama... who will make the tax, spend and borrow policies of any other politician on any level look like kindergarten math? And have you noticed that Obama is always talking about a "world class education system" just like your buddy Betty Morgan?

o Posted by notlaffen on Nov. 4

To justthink: The local government increases spending and borrowing in good years and in bad years - and very few people bother to object so the local yokels must approve of big spending and high debt. It is very easy to support Obama when his only major competitor is McCain. It is not even a close call. McCain, as president, could easily start World War III, because the only word he respects is "fight."

o Posted by justthink on Nov. 4

To notlaffen: It does not matter now, but I certainly think the greater fear is the damage within that Obama will do more than the damage without that McCain would have done. I enjoy what you write, but I still think you are all over the place in terms of being consistent with your principles ... and your hatred of Betty Morgan and the BOE is just plain "over the top." I know many of these people in local leadership, and they are not all the fools you make them out to be.

o Posted by notlaffen on Nov. 5

To justthink: Please stop misleading yourself and others by misstating that I hate Betty Morgan and the BOE and that I make out many people in the local leadership to be fools. WCPS is mediocre at best and Morgan, the BOE and the local leaders deserve all the credit for that. Out of one side of their mouths, local leaders push economic development and out of the other side, they restrict rural development and presumably expect new residents to live within the few acres that encompass the urban areas of the county. I don't have room to discuss finances, but guess what: Here, as elsewhere, money talks.

o Posted by justthink on Nov. 6

To notlaffen: It is one thing to be critical, but you go way beyond to total condescension ... especially about Betty Morgan, whom you regard as villain No. 1 - both in your remarks online and in your letters to the editor. You are against anything new that would cost money, critical of the commissioners except Wivell, but then promote Obama, who will tax and spend infinitely. Why can you not see that this is inconsistent?

This week's question

Late last month, the Washington County Commissioners heard a panel recommend that future county board members be paid $38,000, which is $8,000 more than present members earn. What, in your view, would justify such an increase?

o 1. Bringing thousands of new, good-paying jobs here.

o 2. Cutting property taxes significantly.

o 3. Turning the five-year-old vision of creating new or renovated owner-occupied market-rate housing in downtown Hagerstown into reality.

o 4. Ending the decades-long battle over annexation and revenues with the City of Hagerstown.

o 5. Nothing. The more we pay them, the more likely it is we'll never get rid of the lousy ones.

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