Favorite memories of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" designers:

November 08, 2008

John Littlefield

"Each family is different, and they inspire me differently. But I think (post-Hurricane Katrina) Mississippi: We had a single mom with five kids. ... She turned on her faucet and lost it. That really hit home. She just turned on the faucet and had running water for the first time. She had a hose running through the window that filled the bathtub, pots and pans, filled everything. A hose. And she turned on the faucet. That was one of my greatest memories."

Eduardo Xol

"There is a specific family that for me has special meaning. It was the end of my first season, outside of (St. Petersburg) Florida - James Dolan. He was a man that four months before was working in a radio store. A man went in with a gun and started randomly firing shots. ... A bullet went through his head. It didn't kill him, but it permanently blinded him.


"I wanted to make it my goal to seriously do what I could to use all of my senses besides my sight to design a space for him, so as soon as he walked in the door, he'd start to feel independent and feel like he had a new life. It worked. That basically helped me solidify my design philosophy, which is designing for all the senses."

Paul DiMeo

"There's a place called Camp Barnabas in Purdy, Mo. ... Camp Barnabas is a summer camp for disabled children. It opens for 12 weeks out of the year. That means 200 kids come in each week and then go away. Over 2,000 kids, over 2,000 families are touched by the work we did there. That, for me, is a great thing. Those kids spend a week of their year just being kids and doing the same things we did growing up. You can't ask for a better place on earth."

Didiayer Snyder

"My favorite memory thus far would be the Hughes family in Louisville, Ky. A wonderful young man by the name of Patrick Henry Hughes who is bound to a wheelchair. His legs are webbed, his arms are webbed and he's blind. ... He really touched my heart because the one thing he said is: 'I can't judge people by the way they look. I judge them by their words.'"

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