Letter to the Editor

November 06, 2008

Thanks so much to all of our nation's veterans

To the editor:

It will soon be that time again - Veterans Day, a reminder to us to thank them and tell them how much we appreciate what they do and have done for us. Today we have women and men who are still carrying on the tradition of protecting us and making a better life for others.

I apologize to our Vietnam vets that they didn't get the proper appreciation for serving at the time, but you know we are proud of you, even if some didn't show it.

Think twice before you refuse the opportunity to help others, whether it be giving a donation, displaying a flier, or flying the American flag.


Think of the blessing you have been given. Some day you may need help. Business owners beware, word spreads fast and you could lose some business because of your selfishness.

Aren't we blessed to live in this country and have so many freedoms that we often take for granted?

It seems as if people can't wait to come to live in our country and until recently they were glad to accept our rules and live as we do, but have you noticed lately how so many don't want to learn to speak English, or actually become citizens and pay taxes?

My question is: Why they didn't just stay there? Yes some of my ancestors came from abroad, too. The other side were natives here.

Our country is changing and not for the better. When did we lose the respect for our military, police, fire/rescue workers, who are ready to help at a minute's notice?

And why should the victims and correctional officers take a back seat to what the "wrong-doers" want? Maybe we all need to voice our opinion more, as I know a lot of people feel the same way I do.

I am thankful for freedom of speech and a newspaper that lets us voice our opinions. Things may look a little down now for our country, but we have been through tough times - the wars, the Depression and Sept. 11, 2001 to mention a few, but we overcame and are still strong.

Don't give up on America yet; it is still the best country around. Thangiving approaches - a day to remind us to give thanks for all God has blessed us with.

Thank you, one and all, who help us to sleep at night, knowing we are safe thanks to you.

Darlene Hoffman

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