Bartlett wins ninth term in Congress

November 05, 2008|By ANDREW SCHOTZ and ERIN JULIUS

Voters in Maryland's 6th District sent Roscoe Bartlett back to Congress for a ninth two-year term Tuesday.

Bartlett had a commanding lead over Democrat Jennifer P. Dougherty -- 58 percent to 39 percent -- with about 98 percent of the 6th District precincts counted.

The third candidate in the race, Libertarian Gary W. Hoover Sr., had about 3 percent.

"We're very pleased and honored," said Bartlett, a Republican who lives near Frederick, Md.

He attributed his success to being responsive to his district, particularly through four local offices.

"We see ourselves as servants," Bartlett, 82, said.

"Obviously, we're disappointed ...," said Dougherty, 47, who was Frederick's mayor from 2002 to 2006. "It's a tough district."

The 6th District, which is solidly Republican in voter enrollment, encompasses all of Washington, Frederick, Garrett, Allegany and Carroll counties and parts of Montgomery, Harford and Baltimore counties.


Bartlett was leading 169,637 to 112,756 over Dougherty with about 98 percent of the precincts tallied. Hoover trailed with 9,724 votes.

The number of absentee ballots issued in the race was less than Bartlett's lead, according to a Herald-Mail survey of 6th District counties.

A few weeks ago, Dougherty, a Frederick resident, cited a statewide poll conducted for the Democratic Party that she said had Bartlett up by about 6 percentage points.

Bartlett's campaign, however, questioned the poll and said their own polling data had him up "double digits."

Bartlett said Tuesday that two polls done for his campaign -- one in March, one more recently -- closely predicted his Election Day margin.

During the campaign, Bartlett focused on themes he said he's supported for many years: less government, lower spending and lower taxes. He also spoke in favor of getting the U.S. to look for alternative energy sources.

Dougherty, though, accused him of being ineffective and argued that more needs to be done on energy efficiency and the economy.

Hoover pushed his position as an outsider, saying partisanship has hindered the two major parties in Washington, D.C., from getting much done.

Hoover, a Clear Spring resident, turns 51 today.

He said he is "a bit disappointed," but he already is planning to run again for Congress in 2010, with an earlier start in his campaign and with more funding.

U.S. House, Maryland 6th District

Roscoe Bartlett (GOP)

Allegany 15896

Baltimore County 2776

Carroll 47840

Frederick 51682

Garrett 7733

Harford 9445

Montgomery 4269

Washington 29896

Total 169,637

Jennifer P. Dougherty (Dem.)

Allegany 9687

Baltimore County 1630

Carroll 24201

Frederick 43332

Garrett 3266

Harford 4648

Montgomery 3785

Washington 22207

Total 112,756

Gary W. Hoover Sr. (Lib.)

Allegany 569

Baltimore County 179

Carroll 2298

Frederick 3527

Garrett 231

Harford 638

Montgomery 150

Washington 2132

Total 9,724

o with 236 precincts out of 240 reporting

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