Mail Call

November 05, 2008

"The last check box on the presidential election ballot should be 'None of the above. Start over.'"

"Remember President Ronald Reagan, who first promised to 'deregulate' and 'get government off our backs'? Reagan pushed for deregulation of airlines, and now most of them are going bankrupt. The deregulation and crash of savings and loans, with ensuing taxpayer bailout, happened on his watch. President Bush appointed the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, who ignored most of the shenanigans on Wall Street. In fact, Bush appointed most of the government officials who should (have) taken action long before they did. It's very difficult to sort out the truth, but even though some Democrats obviously helped pave the road to our present economic disaster, I believe Republicans were the primary architects of the plan and should, therefore, be given credit." - Hagerstown

"While traveling through Hagerstown today, three times you looked me square in the eye and pulled out in front of me so I was forced to slam on the brakes. Twice I set at a green light while you never looked my way and ran a red light, and once you didn't care and opened your car door, forcing me into the opposite lane. I'm going to get me a big, old, cheap boat anchor of a car, and the next time I will look you square in the eye and never touch my brakes."


"I went to the Mummers Parade Saturday night with my family. Everyone did a great job, but I do have a couple questions. When did it become OK for young girls to shake their chests and butts in public, calling it dance, and why are these parents supporting it? I'm embarrassed for these girls. It's gross. ... Also, for the record, I'm only 26, in case anyone wants to try to tell me I'm an old biddy." - Hagerstown

"Horse races: I read on Oct. 30 a person called in about the horse race coverage. I fully agree. You can cover sports for schools, college, and pro, but you don't cover the races properly. You don't put results on certain days and nights in first, couple of times, and sometimes, last couple of the races. We would really like the races covered the right way, and the results and the entries put in each and every time."

"I would like to say I'd like to know who changed the voting days. How come it's three weeks early? I don't agree with that at all, because you never know what those people are gonna do. They could be voting two and three or four times. We don't know, half those people could be dead by Nov. 4. The election day is Nov. 4, and that's when everybody should vote, except absentee ballots. " - Washington County

"I'm the one that called in the other day about the slots. Half of my article was printed in the paper, and you can't tell me these other articles are only 30 seconds long. But I won the day I was over there. I won $1,500, and if they do get slots in Maryland, at Pimlico and Cumberland, I'll never go there anyway. I'll still go back to Charles Town."

"Stink bug warning: I was getting ready to put my green sun shades away, from my porch into the basement for the winter. I unrolled them first, and found many, many stink bugs curled up in the rolls for the winter. Check this out before putting them away. You may find a lot of stink bugs waiting for spring." - Robinwood

"For what reason has gas not gone down the way that the barrel of oil has dropped? Gas in Washington County now averaging $2.53 a gallon; Winchester, Va., only $2.12 a gallon. Why?" - Washington County

"I'm calling on trick-or-treat night here. I just actually left the Salvation Army's trick-or-treat festival up there they had. It was wonderful. I want to let the girls know there that they did a great job up there. My daughter had a fun time, she got a basket full of candy, and I know it's all safe to eat. So once again, thank you, Salvation Army, for a wonderful Halloween night." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling to comment on Gov. Rendell's comments about the Republicans running the dirtiest, most despicable campaign. That's like the pot calling the kettle black. No one has been treated as despicable, for example, as Gov. Palin on the campaign trail. And also, the person talking about so much space being given to Gov. Palin at her visit in Pennsylvania Wednesday, I think that's terrible." - Kearneysville, W.Va.

"In this morning, Nov. 1st's paper, it talks about the cancellation of the arrival of the ... flying boxcar. We have friends coming from some distance away, and I wanted to notify them that it wasn't going to be this weekend - they were coming especially for this event, and it says the first week in November. In that this is the first weekend in November, I tried to call the newspaper, and for 10 minutes could get no one. When is the date?" - Clear Spring

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