Candidates run unopposed in Eastern Panhandle

November 05, 2008

The following candidates who represent residents in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia ran unopposed Tuesday:


53rd -- Jonathan Miller, R-Berkeley

54th -- Walter E. Duke, R-Berkeley

55th -- John Overington, R-Berkeley

56th -- Bob Tabb, D-Jefferson

Circuit judges

23rd Circuit

First Division -- David H. Sanders, Democrat

Third Division -- Christopher Wilkes, Republican

Fourth Division -- Gray Silver III, Democrat

Family court judges


First Division -- William Wertman, Democrat

Second Division -- Sally G. Jackson, Democrat

Third Division -- David Greenberg, Democrat

Jefferson County races

Prosecuting attorney -- Ralph Lorenzetti, Democrat

Magistrates -- Gail Boober, Democrat; Mary Paul Rissler, Democrat; Bill Senseney, Democrat

Berkeley County races

Prosecuting attorney -- Pamela Games-Neely, Democrat

Assessor -- Preston B. Gooden, Republican

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