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Prose personified

November 04, 2008

Students in Lisa Prejean's English classes at Heritage Academy read Mark Twain's "Dawn in the Forest" and "What Stumped Blue Jays." They were then challenged to creatively personify an animal, object or idea.

Over the next several weeks, we'll be running examples of their work.



The sunshine walked across the sky, watching the morning dawn. She spent the entire day watching the around the world as it changed. Day after day she learned more and more, but after so long, it became night. The moon walked in and took control, making the sunshine go into hiding. For hours the moon shone over the world, casting a natural night light, until the sunshine crept back up and created the day's natural glow.

A Big Wall at Fenway Park


At Fenway Park, while watching batting practice, you see Big Papi hitting baseballs over a big wall in left field called the Green Monster. During the game, that wall can be gracious and let balls get hit over it. It can also be cruel and have balls that would be sure homers or doubles at other parks be hard-hit singles. The Green Monster can be the determining factor in a game. It picks which team it wants to win. The Green Monster also can bring happiness and sadness with other game scores being shown on it. While the Green Monster looks like an obstacle, it is actually a lot more.

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