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November 03, 2008

Last week's question

During this election season, especially on the national level, many citizens have expressed the feeling that the candidate they oppose is not only unsuitable, but downright evil. What accounts for this excess of ill feelings?

  • The media whipping up frenzies on issues that really amount to nothing. - 22 votes (23 percent)

  • The candidates themselves, who have decided that if they have to be nasty to win, then that's what they will do. - 13 votes (14 percent)

  • Voters who lack the patience to explore the issues and who instead latch on to superficial aspects of the campaigns. - 33 votes (35 percent)

  • Political parties, whose leaders realize that if the voters ever looked closely at what they're offering, they would toss all of them out. - 16 votes (17 percent)

  • People who get all excited because they believe the results of a single election will either save or destroy the world. - 11 votes (12 percent)


    Posted by notlaffen, Oct 25


"...many citizens have expressed the feeling that the candidate they oppose is not only unsuitable, but downright evil." Does any intelligent citizen really believe that any candidate on the national level is "downright evil"? There may be some misinformed citizens who believe that some candidates are "evil" but that just proves that you can make a child go to school but you can't make that child learn to think. The third answer is the most suitable but I would have substituted "intelligence" for "patience."

Posted by ET, Oct. 27

I selected the third choice, but in reality all of the options are factors in the extreme polarity of the current political atmosphere. Voters are not as informed as they should be, they do place great emotional interest in this election, the media does obsess over trivial issues and political parties do realize that most of today's candidates stand for next to nothing.

This week's question

Now that the Election 2008 is almost over, what other subject would you like to see more coverage of?

1. How state and local government cuts will affect me and/or my family and friends.

2. What is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan.

3. How much it will cost me for winter heating fuel and what I can do to reduce that bill.

4. What new toy my child is likely to ask for this Christmas.

5. None of the above. I prefer the celebrity news that I get in the tabloids.

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