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Letter to the Editor

November 03, 2008

Vote on Tuesday and pray for our leaders

To the editor:

Politics or religion - They say that you should not discuss either one, but I beg to differ.

Our country was founded on Christian principles and it is high time that we as Christians stand up and be counted. If you believe in our Lord and Savior you will obey and believe what He says in His word. He is the One who is in control.

Forget about party affiliation, ask yourself what or whom would God have me vote for in this election according to God's word.

As a Christian and believer in Jesus Christ, our duty is to witness to others about Jesus and to vote accordingly. So let us all pray for our country and leadership and let God lead you.


Get out and vote on Nov. 4 and God bless our United States of America.

Janet Miller
Chambersburg, Pa.

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