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November 02, 2008

Polls are rigged against GOP

To the editor:

Mark Twain was a beloved American writer and a very sharp observer of events. Mark Twain observed a very interesting fact about the use of numerical information to influence events. Mr. Twain commented that there are "lies, damned lies, and statistics".

The point that he was making here is that anyone can prove any premise using statistics such as polls. The problem here is that the collection of these statistics is always very suspect.

Currently there are many different polls with widely different results about our presidential election.

I am of the opinion that those polls that show very wide margins for Obama are intentionally inflated for the purpose of discouraging McCain supporters from going to the polls to vote.


The Obama supporters are much more interested in the ordination of Obama than in conducting a fair, open and honest campaign.

Let me ask all of you, my fellow citizens: Have you or anyone you know ever been polled?

I do not and I have never met anyone that either has been or knows anyone who was ever polled. Case closed.

Good news, America! The silent majority still exists and eventually those of us who do all of the fighting, tax paying, and dying for this county will regain the reins of government and we will set things right again!

Rod Pearson Sr.


Answers to the BOE connection

To the editor:

I am responding to the letter to the editor written by Harry N. Wood.

In order to help you with your first question - Which candidates are former Washington County Public Schools employees, etc., the candidates who do not have a past or present connection with WCPS as teachers, etc.are: Fouche, Hartings and Lowery.

Ms. Brightman is an incumbent with no other connection related to the issues with which you were concerned in your letter.

The second question -Which are parents of WCPS students - Forrest and Hartings have children now attending schools in the county.

I am a grandparent of a student attending a school in the county. However, the other candidates have children who attended schools in the county previously.

Ridenour and Forrest have spouses who are employed by the WCPS. Williams, Ridenour and Fischer are retired county teachers.

I agree with you that the departure of Bernadette Wagner and Roxanne Ober presents concerns for parents, because the two certainly did advocate on behalf of parents. It was because of that concern that I wanted to run for election and because I have a very precious student who is attending a county school.

I thought it was important for you to have these answers and that it might help to answer some questions for the voters.

I would appreciate your vote on Nov. 4, if you are concerned about the Board of Education election.

Margaret (Margie) Lowery

BOE candidate


Aussies want to ban slots

To the editor:

Regarding Scott Arceneau's excellent letter, "Dirt on Slot Machines," many Australians are alarmed that Marylanders have not been told the full truth about slots and problem gambling.

We were also led to believe that "pathological gamblers"would be 'only 1-2 percent of population and that this group were in fact the group of problem gamblers ... hence we thought ..."they are a small number of hardened deviates and nothing will stop them so we might as well allow slots."

We were not told that the biggest group of "problem gamblers" would be the "over-spending recreational" gamblers who did not make up the 1 percent to 2 percent "pathological" figures at all.

The industry will not count them and the government cannot, because these gamblers hide their gambling addictions.

They do not show up in official figures but they cause much harm to those around them, especially their families and children. In fact, around 60 percent to 90 percent of patrons in a casino at different times of day will be these "over-spending recreational" gamblers, according to reliable Canadian studies.

In view of this, Arceneau's quoted estimate that "Question No. 2 will create almost 100,000 new problem or pathological Maryland gamblers" becomes itself a probable gross underestimate and misleading figure, regarding the real level of "problem gamblers" and the harm created.

This might also explain why up to 95 percent of surveyed Australian citizens have all now called for slots to be removed. It also begs the question: "If slots were so good, why do Australians now want to ban them?"

Libby Mitchell

Big Pond, Australia

John Yoder for judgeship

To the editor:

The citizens of Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan counties in West Virginia have an important decision to make on Nov. 4 regarding a new judge for the Tri-County area. I am writing to address the qualifications of the two candidates.

Michael Lorensen has been stressing an opinion poll sponsored by the West Virginia bar, in which he is rated well. What the citizens may not be aware of is that this poll is highly skewed toward how large law firms respond and rate the candidates.

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