Mail Call

October 30, 2008

"I just wanted to tell you that it shows what kind of supporters Obama has when they go around spray painting 'no' on McCain signs." - Hagerstown

"Everyone is complaining and telling everyone else who to vote for. What are you all going to do after the election? I'll tell you what - you're just going to complain about who does get elected and tell everyone it's their fault because of who they voted for. It's just a vicious circle and everyone will still be complaining no matter who wins." - Washington County

"This is just an observation and my opinion. If the judges don't soon wake up and give the sentences that these criminals deserve, we're all going to be scared to death to even walk out our doors. With all the murders, shootings, attacks, rapes, child molestation and drugs here in Hagerstown, one should be scared. My brother-in-law said he stays out of Hagerstown because he doesn't like dodging bullets. I try to stay out of Hagerstown because of everything else. The judges are not doing their jobs by giving these criminals a slap on the wrist and letting them go. Wake up Hagerstown and be scared." - Washington County


"I'm calling about the sports section. When my renewal for this paper comes again, I will not renew it. You guys do not want to print the horse races and the horse race results. This is a nuisance to me because I have to buy different newspapers. I look forward to the horse races every day. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday at Charles Town." - Sharpsburg

"The six scariest words are 'John McCain, president of the United States.'" - Hagerstown

"Talk about a flip-flop. Two months ago, John McCain was shaking Bush's hand, giving him a big old bear hug and kissing him on the cheek. Now he's trying to distance himself, bad-mouthing him, calling him names, saying the last eight years was his fault. Didn't you vote for him? When you look in the mirror who do you see? John McCain or John the same." - Hagerstown

"Today I just received a Medicare book in the mail and my husband received one, too. How many thousands and thousands and millions could be saved if it was combined to one to a family? One book is all we need. We do not need two. If they want to save money, they'd better start in their own backyard." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling in again and I still want to know why is my child's teachers allowed to wear Obama pins and have political signs and stickers up in their rooms that count down when Bush is out. Can someone tell me why this is allowed?"

"I was shopping at the new Martin's off Pennsylvania Avenue on Thursday and when I came out and got in my car, it wouldn't start. I don't know anything about cars. I walk with a cane. A customer in a truck came up to me and said he would help me. Then a Martin's worker came out and said he would help me. They both helped me. They told me I needed a new battery. I did not know that there were such wonderful people in this world. I'm a 77-year-old lady. God bless you two gentlemen who helped me." - Hagerstown

"This is to The Herald-Mail. I, along with about 15 of my friends and co-workers, have stopped buying the paper or stopped our subscriptions. The paper has gotten so bad that we just don't even want to read it. It's too dark, too blurry, too small and too expensive anymore. Thanks but no thanks to your new, improved bad paper." - Washington County

"Every fall, I get infested with stink bugs and this past fall was particularly bad. In addition to vacuuming them up, I found one thing that helps with them tremendously. It's a product call Round Up and I get it at Home Depot. I spray it on all of my window sills, inside and out. Within about three hours or so, all the stink bugs that cross it die. I hope this helps." - Hagerstown

"There's an elementary school in the neighborhood where I live, so naturally there are children outside playing after school is over. My main concern and complaint is this: the employees of this school, teachers or support staff, I don't know which, when they leave, they speed through the neighborhood and never stop at the stop signs. Well, a few do. But most of them run through the stop signs and I just can't understand why they act this way. I've been thinking of taking down some licenses plates and calling the Board of Education. Maybe this will help." - Hagerstown

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