Syd dresses up as himself for Halloween

October 29, 2008

Next to football, this is my favorite time of the year.


I guess it's because this is the only week that what I wear all year is universally accepted as normal. Whistle, hat, coaching shorts, striped pullover. I'm either dressed for Halloween or to be a decoy for a zebra.

I really wanted to make this weekend special, so I decided to do a little shopping. I went to Dargan's boating marker and Halloween store -- Buoys and Ghouls -- to catch a glimpse at some of the more creative costumes for the season.

This one was a little disturbing and intriguing.

It is a white baseball cap with a papier mache black-and-white-striped shirt and white, traditional length baseball pants -- and my favorite part -- a whistle around the neck. It had long sticks embedded across the back and attached to the hat.


I couldn't figure it out so I looked at the tag. I could dress up as an Ed Hochuli piñata.

Then I found a local creation of a blue sweatshirt made out of the bladders of a football and basketball, along with the string that wraps a baseball and the hard rubber that is under the hard shell of a golf ball. It was called "Inside Sports." The only problem with that outfit was that it could only be seen on Thursdays.

They had one that was popular with the women. It featured two pompoms, a letter sweater and two hairties along with a short skirt made by Longaberger. It was called basket of cheer.

Another interesting one was an all-white outfit with all kinds of words written on it, like Lou, blue, clue, two, Sue and Stew. The tag said it was "They're not saying Boooo."

Maybe my favorite was the one with a Grim Reaper robe, which included a box of Wheaties with knives jabbed in it and holes drilled through it.

If I wore that, I could be a cereal killer.

On with the predictions. Last week 16-5 (.762), season 127-49 (.722).


Frederick 30, North Hagerstown 14

Walkersville 20, South Hagerstown 14

Smithsburg 44, Williamsport 16

Boonsboro 38, Catoctin 7

Brunswick 41, Clear Spring 13

Greencastle 34, Jefferson 14

Boiling Springs 48, James Buchanan 12

State College 37, Chambersburg 13

Washington 26, Hampshire 18

Martinsburg 42, Musselman 21

Susquehanna Township 28, Waynesboro 23

Manassas Park 27, Berkeley Springs 17

Mercersburg Academy 19, Kiski School 12

St. James 33, Maryland Christian 15

Bucktail 30, Hancock 12


Connecticut 27, West Virginia 21

West Virginia State 37, Shepherd 24


Ravens 23, Browns 20

Redskins 17, Steelers 13

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