Penn State Mont Alto student sounds off on presidential race

October 29, 2008

Editor's note: As the presidential campaign winds to a close, both candidates are courting young voters. Staff writer Jennifer Fitch asked college students from schools across the Tri-State region if the candidates are making a good impression. Their answers will run through Friday in the Tri-State section of The Herald-Mail and will be published in the election section of our Web site.

Mike Bloom

Age: 24

Hometown: Waynesboro, Pa.

College, year: Penn State Mont Alto, fifth year

1) Have you closely followed other races in the past? How did you first start your political involvement?

"I began my political involvement when I was in high school within a club that held a small protest against the war in Iraq; this was just before the war had started."

2) What do you find compelling about this presidential race?

"I find that the people who are interested in this race compelling. There are a number of otherwise apathetic students on my campus who seem to have enthusiasm for whichever candidate they like."


3) Who is your chosen candidate? What drew you to that person?

"My chosen candidate is Barack Obama. It may not be so much that I was drawn to him, but pushed away from McCain because his angry demeanor and because of Palin's ability to be nothing more than a punchline. Although, as a student of rhetorical studies, I find that Obama is a far better communicator than John McCain."

4) Have you attended any events at which the candidates delivered an address? Have you participated in the campaign?

"No, I have not attended any events or participated in the campaign itself."

5) What issues do you think most influence young voters?

"How a particular candidate is going to affect them monetarily appears to be very important to them. If not that, then they seem to be concerned whether or not a candidate holds the same values as they do."

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