North Hagerstown track a few lines from completion

October 29, 2008|By ERIN CUNNINGHAM

HAGERSTOWN -- Work on the North Hagerstown High School track is nearly complete, and officials say the only work that remains is for the lines to be drawn on the surface.

All work is expected to be finished by the end of November, and Assistant Superintendent for Washington County Public Schools Boyd Michael said the running surface will be ready for students to use when track season begins in the spring.

Milling and paving of the track has been completed, and several coats of red rubberized paint were sprayed on the surface, officials said. The final step in the track's completion is the striping, which could start as early as Monday.

The track has gone unused since Mike Callas Stadium was completed in 2006 due to a dispute with the company hired to build the track, which was part of the stadium project.


The dispute was settled earlier this year when Craig Paving Inc. agreed to complete the project and build a track that could be sanctioned for NCAA events. The company originally said it was informed of the school system's desire for a college-level track only after a high school track had been built.

Construction on the track began again after the school system and the paving company settled their dispute in September.

At that time, Michael said Craig Paving had been paid $105,624 for the work that had been completed so far, and would be paid the remaining $204,736 of the contract when the track was finished.

With only the striping left to be completed, School Board Member Wayne D. Ridenour said Tuesday that the track is in "good shape." Construction progress was discussed during a committee meeting Tuesday.

School Board Vice President Donna Brightman said that once the dispute with Craig Paving was settled, work on the track has been steady.

"We finally have a track," she said. "That's the resolution we were all working toward."

Brightman said she was glad that the original contract was honored and that progress was made.

Michael said the lines will be painted sometime between Monday and the end of the month, and officials are working to schedule construction around athletic events. He said there have been only a few "interruptions," to play on the field, and that workers are trying to "stay out of the way."

Painting the lines should take no more than four days, weather permitting, Michael said.

Board Member William H. Staley said the track will be "good for the community," and he was hopeful that the track would bring college-level events to the area.

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