Countdown to decision '08

Area teens give their take on this year's election

Area teens give their take on this year's election

October 28, 2008|By KEITH SANDELL / Pulse Correspondent

This is the first presidential election in which I am able to vote. I wanted to be an informed voter so I asked other teens what they thought of the issues and the candidates.

The biggest issue that came up was the economy. Aaron Hetzer, 16, a junior from Clear Spring High School, thinks our failing economy is the most important issue.

"Everything in our capitalistic society is based on it. We can't address the war, social issues or really anything without first taking care of our economy," he said.

Many of the people I've talked to believe that the economy is the biggest topic this election, and I whole-heartedly agree with them.


"The economy is the most important issue because of rising gas prices and rising prices in general," said Darin Coyle, 14, who is currently a ninth-grader at Williamsport High School.

What is done here in our current economic crisis will probably affect our lives as teenagers for the next several years. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) would like to see the minimum wage become $9.50 by the year 2011.

Zack Morgan, a 16-year-old from Grace Academy, is in favor of raising the minimum wage, but he asked, "Will the higher wages affect the prices?"

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) wants to keep minimum wage where it is, which is currently $6.55.

Kayla Previti, 17, a senior from Grace Academy, said the greatest concern for her this election is, "the form our government is taking."

"I'm afraid our government is going more socialistic with the bailout bill because this will determine how the rest of the issues play out," she said. "If we have a big government, they'll decide a lot for us."

Another hot topic this election year is the war on terror, specifically the war in Iraq. Anthony Adams, 14, a freshman from Williamsport High School said that the war in Iraq is, "wasting a lot of our money, and we should use this money on the economy."

McCain is for maintaining troops in Iraq for an indefinite period of time, or as he has stated, "until the job is done." Obama has said he would like to slowly pull troops out within 18 months. He has said he would then take these troops and focus on finding bin Laden, who is believed to be in Afghanistan.

The final issue that came up were questions about what the candidates would do concerning energy. Katie Mosley, 13, is a student at Smithsburg Middle School. She's in favor of "offshore drilling and expanded drilling in Alaska, because we need the extra oil."

Obama is for limited offshore oil drilling, and more energy efficiency in all areas, such as more fuel efficient cars and power plants. He also is in favor of using renewable energy technology such as solar power and wind.

McCain is in favor of aggressive offshore drilling. He is also in favor of nuclear energy and clean coal.

I'm really looking forward to voting in my first presidential election. I am happy to be making a difference in our society through participating in this democratic process.

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