Wilson College junior ready to cast her vote

October 28, 2008

Editor's note: As the presidential campaign winds to a close, both candidates are courting young voters. Staff writer Jennifer Fitch asked college students from schools across the Tri-State region if the candidates are making a good impression. Their answers will run through Friday in the Tri-State section of The Herald-Mail and will be published in the election section of our Web site.

Sarah Emmel

Age: 20

Hometown: Chester, Pa.

College, year: Wilson College, junior

1) Have you closely followed other races in the past? How did you first start your political involvement?

"I did not follow any previous campaigns because I was not able to vote. I became more politically active this year because of my ability to vote and through the Political Science Association at Wilson."

2) What do you find compelling about this presidential race?

"I found it compelling because a woman was running and had a very good chance of winning, but I also find it compelling because we as a country are heading into tough times and it will be interesting to see if our new president can pull us out."


3) Who is your chosen candidate? What drew you to that person?

"I am leaning towards (Barack) Obama -- I plan on voting for him because I do not agree with John McCain's ideas and because I am a Democrat. I was originally drawn to Hillary (Clinton), but now that she is out, I am drawn to Obama."

4) Have you attended any events at which the candidates delivered an address? Have you participated in the campaign?

"Wilson College hosted Chelsea Clinton last semester and I did attend that. Other than that I have not participated or attended."

5) What issues do you think most influence young voters?

"I believe the war is influencing a lot of young voters because many young people have followed the war and do not believe we are in it for the right reasons any longer. I also think that financial issues may be influencing young voters. I for one am worried about my parents and what they will receive financially when they retire, but I also am worried about what I will receive for financial aid for college. I cannot finish my college education without money and if the economy keeps going the way it is that will be it for me."

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