Letter to the editor

October 27, 2008

Reject those who would divide us with fear

To the editor:

There is something wrong with this country. There is something wrong when the government no longer listens to its people. We go by the wayside as our rights, liberties, and freedoms are taken from us and we sit back in our living rooms watching the corruption, like a movie on TV.

Politics is not Hollywood; the decisions our government makes will affect us in the real world. With our silence, the government gains strength, making decisions to benefit themselves instead of us. Bush and his administration have created an unstable economy, causing us to lose our jobs, our homes and even the education for our children. While our homeless, hungry, and uneducated rates climb, Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin focus their attention on scare tactics, the same kind of tactics used by the Bush Administration to win a second term. You see where that has led us.


We have been in Iraq for five years, spending billions of your hard-earned dollars occupying a country when we could have been fixing problems in our own backyards.

Fear instilled in us by our government has made us mistrust all those around us, taking away our unity.

We go home after working or trying to buy the groceries we need and lock the doors, until we have to go out again, into a world filled with terrorists.

Sen. Obama tries to unify us, while Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin try to keep us in fear. The time for change is now!

It is time for a stable economy, for better jobs and for better education for our children.

We cannot allow scare tactics to influence us into electing another poor leader. We need a leader who focuses on the issues and not on tearing apart our unity. The time for change is now. It is time to shed the fear.

Russell Burdette

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