Hagerstown Suns' Halloween bash scares up crowd of 100

October 27, 2008|By ERIN CUNNINGHAM

HAGERSTOWN -- There was a rare opportunity Sunday for Hannah Montana to dance with the devil.

And if needed, Darth Vader, a zombie and Cookie Monster could have provided backup.

All were represented at the Hagerstown Suns' Trick-or-Treat Halloween Bash at Municipal Stadium on Sunday. The three-hour event drew about 100 people, and Drew Himsworth, a Suns employee, said it is the fourth annual Halloween celebration.

Children wore costumes, candy was distributed by local businesses and there was a walking parade led by the Hagerstown Suns mascot along the stadium infield.

Michelle Passarell of Hagerstown brought her 3-year-old daughter, Zoe Passarell, to the event. Zoe loves dogs and was dressed as a "brown doggie" Sunday. She was holding a large Pixy Stix and Passarell said her daughter especially liked the glow-in-the-dark stickers she received while trick-or-treating.


Cheryl Lowe of Hagerstown brought her son, D.J. Hawkins, 4, who was dressed like Thomas the Tank Engine.

"He is Thomas crazy," Lowe said.

D.J. said his favorite activity of the day was a game that involved throwing a small beanbag at a target. He said he received prizes, including a pencil and a ring for getting the bag in the target.

"This is a good, safe environment, I thought," Lowe said. "It's a good place for him to go."

Jimmy White of Hagerstown said he and his 8-year-old daughter, Haylee White, who was dressed like a devil, were enjoying the weather and the activities at Municipal Stadium. That included one of the day's most popular activities, which was painting a face on a pumpkin.

A table with crayons and paper also was set up for coloring.

Stephanie Smith's daughters arrived Sunday dressed like a punk rocker and a "little old lady."

Smith, her daughters, Lacey Smith, 13; Josie Smith, 10; Smith's boyfriend, Scott Morris; and his son, Ashton Morris, 8, are all Hagerstown Suns fans, and said they always come to the games.

The children, including Ashton, who was dressed as Darth Vader, said the best part of Sunday's event was "getting candy." They also painted pumpkins.

Sarah Baker of Hagerstown brought her two children, Kalyn Baker, 5, and Logan Baker, 7.

Kalyn was dressed as Hannah Montana, her favorite singer, and Logan came as a zombie.

"They've been to everything," Baker said. "They've painted pumpkins and they're on their second picture."

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