Lilley drops hammer at county meet

Forsythe wins girls race; 'Cats, Hubs take team titles

Forsythe wins girls race; 'Cats, Hubs take team titles

October 26, 2008|By ANDREW MASON

The gun fired and Smithsburg junior David Wilson shot to the front, immediately opening a gap on the rest of the boys field at the 31st annual Washington County Cross Country Championships on a rainy Saturday morning at South Hagerstown.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

"I was just going to try something different," Wilson said. "I went out fast. I went through the mile in 4:59."

But by that point, he already was trailing Williamsport senior Michael Lilley, the heavy favorite, by 5 seconds.

"I think (Wilson) thought he could tire me out in the beginning," Lilley said. "But I run a lot of miles. I'm not going to be dropped that easily."

Lilley dropped the hammer on Wilson, winning the 3-mile race in 15 minutes, 33.3 seconds.

"He deserves it. He's just so much faster," said Wilson, who held on for second in 15:54.3. "I don't think he ever really viewed me as a threat."


Williamsport's Naseem Haje took third in 16:01.8, and Clear Spring's Cory Horton was fourth in 16:39.0. No one else cracked 17 minutes.

While Wilson finally was able to break up Williamsport's potent 1-2 punch of Lilley and Haje, his Leopards were no match for the Wildcats. Williamsport took five of the top 12 places to win with 31 points. Smithsburg was second with 58.

The region and state meets are next, and the Wildcats are hoping to win both.

"We haven't peaked yet," Lilley said. "We just started doing speed stuff last week. So hopefully we'll be really ready to go when it counts."

The North Hagerstown girls had the most dominant performance of the day, turning the pouring rain into a sea of red.

"This is their weather," North coach Lindsay Zerance said. "They always want to run in the rain, and they got their wish.

"I was watching and cheering, and all I could see was red at the front."

The Hubs took four of the top five spots and seven of the top 10, winning with a mere 22 points. Smithsburg was second with 63.

"We've trained our butts off," Zerance said. "We deserved this championship today, and we got it."

The Hubs, however, were unable to dethrone Williamsport's Tracey Forsythe, who won her second straight county title in 19:46.5.

North's Taryn Shank (19:57.5) and Alison Harrell (20:19.0), who both had beaten Forsythe in their last two meetings this season, were second and third Saturday.

"I knew I just had to stay with them early in the race," said Forsythe, who pulled away late. "I felt great the whole time. It's my senior year, so you have to go out with a bang."

Also earning all-county (top-seven) girls honors were North's Brooke Pettner (fourth, 20:49.0) and Amanda Martin (fifth, 20:53.0), Smithsburg's Stephanie Breen (sixth, 20:53.7) and Williamsport's Kellie Quinn (seventh, 20:54.5).

Williamsport's Rio Ferrario (fifth, 17:02.9), North's Nathan Ober (sixth, 17:05.5) and Boonsboro's Jordan Acton (seventh, 17:06.9) completed the all-county boys team.

Washington County Championships

at South Hagerstown (3 miles)

Girls results

Teams: 1. North Hagerstown 22; 2. Smithsburg 63; 3. Williamsport 65; 4. Clear Spring 105; 5. Boonsboro 115; 6. South Hagerstown incomplete.

Top 20: 1. Tracey Forsythe (Wi) 19:46.5; 2. Taryn Shank (NH) 19:57.5; 3. Alison Harrell (NH) 20:19.0; 4. Brooke Pettner (NH) 20:49.0; 5. Amanda Martin (NH) 20:53.0; 6. Stephanie Breen (Sm) 20:53.7; 7. Kellie Quinn (Wi) 20:54.5; 8. Josie Smith (NH) 21:37.5; 9. Christine Brugh (NH) 21:39.5; 10. Sarai Suarez (NH) 21:54.0; 11. Lyndsie Delosier (Sm) 21:57.0; 12. Taylor Cline (Sm) 21:57.3; 13. Hillary Jardine (CS) 21:59.3; 14. Taylor Reid (CS) 22:03.3; 15. Morgan Holmes (Bo) 22:09.5; 16. Jamie Wisz (Sm) 22:11.1; 17. Amy Whitcraft (Wi) 22:16.6; 18. Braden Grosh (Sm) 22:17.0; 19. Kaya Ferrario (Wi) 22:28.4; 20. Katie Marshall (Bo) 22:51.8.

Boys results

Teams: 1. Williamsport 31; 2. Smithsburg 58; 3. North Hagerstown 82; 4. Boonsboro 92; 5. Clear Spring 106; 6. South Hagerstown 159.

Top 20: 1. Michael Lilley (Wi) 15:33.3; 2. David Wilson (Sm) 15:54.3; 3. Naseem Haje (Wi) 16:01.8; 4. Cory Horton (CS) 16:39.0; 5. Rio Ferrario (Wi) 17:02.9; 6. Nathan Ober (NH) 17:05.5; 7. Jordan Acton (Bo) 17:06.9; 8. Jacob Shriver (Sm) 17:09.9; 9. Zach Cross (Sm) 17:11.6; 10. Jesse Buchman (Wi) 17:14.0; 11. Evan Moser (Bo) 17:17.8; 12. Nathanial Clark (Wi) 17:22.6; 13. Brandon Mauck (SH) 17:24.5; 14. Ben Kofoet (NH) 17:37.7; 15. Charlie Abeles (NH) 17:49.0; 16. Graylon Wright (Wi) 17:55.2; 17. Evan Clark (Wi) 18:07.4; 18. Nick Tilden (Sm) 18:17.5; 19. Brandon Schildtknecht (CS) 18:24.6; 20. Daniel Powell (Bo) 18:40.8.

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