Palin's critics nearly hysterical

October 25, 2008

To the editor:

Since Gov. Sarah Palin came on the scene, the bold and honorable liberal hit squads of the Tri-state area have been descending on The Herald-Mail with "letters to the editor." It seems as if they are choosing to rewrite the talking points of the "Our Little Sarah" e-mail that flooded the Internet, or to wax eloquent the comments of those great Hollywood intellects: Matt Damon, Pam Anderson and Madonna.

Those who fear Palin choose to impugn her on a variety of topics, including personal family matters. You do not care if what you say is true or accurate. You do not care if what you say is complete or in context. You only care about the personal destruction of a conservative.

No matter what you do or say, no matter how many inaccuracies you print, no matter how many baldface lies you use, no matter how many of you use "Saturday Night Live" as your news source, my money is on Gov. Palin not whining about being slandered. Judging from her recent debate and seeing her on the campaign trail, I think I will win the bet.


If the conservative values and character Gov. Palin holds dear really frighten you so much, then you can surely understand the magnified fear that conservatives feel when dealing with the prospects of a Barack Obama presidency.

If it isn't too stressful, use some of your research skills and look up Sen. Obama's relationships with William Ayers, Tony Rezco, Franklin Raines, James Johnson and Jeremiah Wright, the great theologian. While you are at it, look at the top four recipients for campaign contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Study the involvement of the congressional "leaders" who are neck-deep in our country's financial mess, face no accountability and are being put in charge of "fixing" the problems they created. But, whatever you do, don't let facts or truth get in the way.

Since many of you are hysterical regarding Gov. Palin's stance on education and abortion, I encourage you to do a search for "Illinois General Assembly - Full Text of SB0099." Follow that with a trip to "Illinois Born-Alive Infants Protection Act of 2001, SB1095"

Since the pap you espouse about Gov. Palin strikes fear into your hearts regarding education and abortion, see where the sensitive and enlightened Sen. Obama stands on these two issues - and see firsthand what he supports.

Do you really think the junior senator from Illinois who was in the United States Senate for a handful of days before deciding he had the experience to be the president, can stare down Vladimir Putin, Ahmadinejad, or Chavez. His knees will knock.

If foreign affairs are truly a concern to you, and are not just one of your talking points, might I simply recommend choosing grown-ups.

Your character parallels the television and major newspaper media who rarely think for themselves and no matter what station, use the same terminology every night, mostly from The Associated Press.

Your bold values are akin to the people sent to Alaska to rut through the trash, or throw cash around, in an attempt to find anyone who can be used to assassinate her character.

Few reporters delve into Sen. Obama's relationships, business dealings, and his true political leanings - because they, like you, are "in the tank." There are no reporters (or thinkers) left any more. There are only repeaters.

The attacks on Gov. Palin regarding her lack of experience ring hollow. She has more than the man seeking the presidency on the Democratic ticket.

To ridicule Gov. Palin is to ridicule Sen. Obama. In your self-absorbed world, Gov. Palin is running against Sen. Obama.

Jeffrey Grills

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