Football everything to Big Syd

October 23, 2008|By Big Sydney

I had one of those life moments the other day.

No, I didn't buy a magazine, eat a bowl of cereal or play a board game.

I actually sat down and took a long look at myself. My coaching shorts are getting a little snugger and I'm having a harder time blowing my whistle than I used to. The day is coming when my scoreboard clock will reach 0:00.

I just realized something that I had taken for granted for such a long time.

My entire life has been consumed by watching and prognosticating football. The game has dominated and set all directions in my life. I've always tried to be a north-and-south guy and tried to avoid moving east and west.

I've always had trouble following the bouncing ball because it would always hit on the points.

My parents notched yardlines on the doorjam to show how tall I had become as I was growing up.


My age is measured in dog years -- in increments of seven.

I always use 1, 2, 3 and 6 when I play Lotto because those are the different point values for scoring.

When my school did a production of the Wizard of Oz, I tried out to play the part of the Detroit Cowardly Lion.

I don't go to get an oil change unless I'm positive my car is going to recieve a 21-point checkup.

When I went to college, I worked summers for a moving-van company just to be a Packer.

When it came to learning my numbers, I always preferred the odds.

My pants are so tight, my tummy does a rollout.

I'm so dumb, I sat around and waited for puffs of white smoke in Arizona to signify that the Cardinals were going to name a new coach.

When I'm depressed, I feel down and out.

But the thing that made me realize it all was when I was paging through my family album and I found that embarrassing picture that all moms seem to keep of their kids.

There I am as a baby, lying buck naked with a whistle around my neck, on a Chicago Bear rug.

On with predictions. Last week 16-6 (.727), season 111-44 (.716).


North Hagerstown 31, Brunswick 21

Middletown 34, South Hagerstown 7

Smithsburg 27, Catoctin 24

Boonsboro 44, Clear Spring 14

Liberty 37, Williamsport 13

Carlisle 41, Chambersburg 19

Mechanicsburg 31, James Buchanan 6

Martinsburg 33, Jefferson 14

Eastern View 26, Washington 21

Keyser 38, Musselman 20

Hampshire 27, Hedgesville 7

Greencastle 34, Waynesboro 21

Berkeley Springs 42, Kettle Run 13

Peddie School 30, Mercersburg Academy 13


Maryland 31, N.C. State 14

West Virginia 20, Auburn 17

Penn State 28, Ohio State 23

Shepherd 34, West Liberty 24


Redskins 38, Lions 13

Ravens 27, Raiders 10

Giants 17, Steelers 13

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