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Ending the 'Nunsense'

Q&A with 'Nunsense' creator Dan Goggin

Q&A with 'Nunsense' creator Dan Goggin

October 23, 2008|By TIFFANY ARNOLD

GETTYSBURG, Pa. -- After 8,000 stagings and earning an estimated half-billion dollars for theaters world wide, the playwright behind the "Nunsense" says he is working on the last play in the franchise.

The news arrives on the 25th anniversary of the original "Nunsense." Dan Goggin is directing a celebratory production with Sally Struthers as Mother Superior.

The production will be at The Majestic Theater in Gettysburg on Friday.

"It's gotten the point where we've done all the angles possible," says "Nunsense" creator Goggin, during a recent interview with The Herald-Mail.

Goggin discussed his plans for the next play and reflected on the "Nunsense" of times past. The "Nunsense" plays are a string of musical comedies framed around five nuns from Hoboken. In the next play, the nuns will be going to Hollywood.


The final play will be the seventh play in the series, depending on which productions you count, Goggin said.

Q&A with Dan Goggin

Why did you keep going after the first one?
Just like a TV series, if we can keep them laughing, we'll keep going.

Did you ever fear it would get old?
It's like I did for the first 15 years and my business manager was always like we had to save money because these things don't last, but it never slacked off. ... This was something I never thought about when I wrote it. There's nothing contemporary about any of these shows.

What are some of the advantages and challenges to wearing the writer and director's hats?
I think normally it would be worse. I don't think I could direct anyone else's play. ... The five nuns are based on the personalities of the five nuns who taught me when I was a boy. Three are still living. If somebody wants to know where the characters are coming from, I can give them that. I never planned to be a writer. To me writing is like homework. Writing is like a chore. I always feel this sense of relief after it's done. Then the real fun is playing theater.

So how many more of these are we going to see?
I think there could be one more. This time I think it really could be it.

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