Washington County Liquor Board briefs

October 23, 2008

Board meets with liquor store representatives about sales to underage agent

The Board of License Commissioners for Washington County, known as the liquor board, met with representatives from five liquor stores on Wednesday to discuss incidents in which employees are alleged to have sold alcohol to a 20-year-old liquor agent last month.

The sales occurred Sept. 11 in front of undercover Washington County Sheriff's Department deputies, according to the liquor board.

The following five liquor stores were charged with the illegal sale of alcohol to an underage person:

o Cavetown Liquors, 11905 Mapleville Road

o Clear Spring Liquors, 124-126 Cumberland St.

o Liquor Locker, 1740 Dual Highway

o Oak Ridge Liquors, 18208 W. Oak Ridge Drive

o Southpointe Wine & Spirits, 120 E. Oak Ridge Drive

Robert L. Everhart, liquor board chairman, said the maximum penalty for selling alcohol to a minor is loss of an establishment's liquor license and a $2,500 fine. That penalty rarely is imposed, he said.


The liquor board said it would make a decision within 30 days.

Greene Turtle restaurant owner asks for patio license

The owner of the Greene Turtle restaurant in the Stone House Square shopping center in Hagerstown asked Washington County liquor officials on Wednesday for a patio license to serve alcohol.

Robert L. Everhart, chairman of the Board of License Commissioners for Washington County, known as the liquor board, told Frank Illiano, owner of the Greene Turtle, that the patio would have to pass an inspection from the Hagerstown Fire Department before the board could grant a license.

Illiano said the Greene Turtle would open before Christmas.

- Dan Dearth

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