Can we get some leadership, please?

October 18, 2008

To the editor:

This year's election is historic not only because we have media infatuated with the opposing tickets' race and gender. But better than that, this year's election challenges us to think past our past history and fears and examine our own conditions domestically.

It requires us to look at each other face to face and see that this country is hurting. It is hurting for "power to the people" leadership. Not leadership based on folklore and fictional delusions, but one that is based on facts. The fact is I am not better off than I was a year ago economically. I am not better off than I was four years ago economically. I know it is the same for my neighbors.

Even though the price of fuel has taken a dip recently, it is only because you and I complained to the government about greed and corruption at home and told them enough is enough. Funny thing, they started drilling off shore and the price of gas fell. But don't let that fool you. It will rise again. Yet, still the cost of education is going higher, the price of groceries is going higher and the price of health care is going higher. Your savings and ability to enjoy the little things in life are going lower as the rich get richer and the poor, working class and middle class suffer from the like of oil tyrants, corporate giants and defiant politicians who tell us that everything is going to be all right.


It is not all right; this nation of ours is in perils not because we are not "Good Samaritans," but because we have neglected our own backyards. A man that doesn't take care of his own house is worse than an infidel. We have sent billions and continue to send billions of dollars to other countries, all in the name of peace or war. We export hundreds of thousands of jobs to countries that care less about our economic welfare.

I am not against helping others, but I am against a system that takes the power from the people and puts it into the hands of the elite and powerful and makes them richer and richer. You can run, but you can't hide. What's done in the dark will be brought to light.

America, it is time to put aside those stereotypes and prejudices of the past and move on with promoting the good of the common man and woman. We need real leadership in this country that will take care of business. I don't care if the next leader is male or female, white or black; the "common good" is what matters. We Americans need "that government of the people, by the people, for the people one that shall not perish from the earth."

Reginald Pugh

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