Williamsport High class of 1948 holds 60th reunion

October 15, 2008

The Williamsport High School class of 1948 held its 60th anniversary reunion on Oct. 11 at New Dimensions restaurant.

There were 39 members in the graduating class; 26 members remain and 21 of those were in attendance.

Each member gave a brief presentation concerning their family and shared stories and looked at class pictures from high school days.

Ron Britner, class vice president, said they all look pretty good considering the 60 years of wear and tear.

Jack Rider and his wife, Diane, sang a duet and Donald "Laco" Anderson told a few stories about the 1948 state champ basketball team.

The class collected $75 for the Blue Band.

Jim and Shirley "Stenger" Rider and Jack Rider came from Asheville, N.C., and the Atlanta, Ga., area to be at the reunion.


WHS Class of 1948 lost good friend and classmate Walter Lee "Polly Dinks" Bowman this past year and miss all their deceased classmates, spouses and friends.

In 2009, the class will celebrate its 61st reunion.

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