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October 13, 2008

Last week's question

What is the most important issue in the Washington County School Board race?

o Where the board will get the money to build new schools and operate its ongoing programs. - 20 votes (31 percent)

o How the board will attract the best new teachers to work in local schools. - 14 votes (22 percent)

o Who will be hired to replace Superintendent Elizabeth Morgan if she retires - 11 votes (17 percent)

o I didn't know there was a School Board race. - 20 votes (31 percent)


o Posted by charliebaker, Oct. 3
Mmmm, this is my first experience where one vote counted ... I'm the first vote so my selection has a 100 percent lead over the other options. Amazing.

o Posted by thefig, Oct. 4
Seven million surplus ... no salt?

o Posted by hadenuff, Oct. 6
Who will replace Superintendent Elizabeth Morgan when they fire her?


o Posted by niverd, Oct. 6
The most important issue for the elected BOE would be for the restoration of the integrity of the school system. They need to establish accountability standards that are measured on a regular basis and reported on in a standardized format.
The days of the superintendent and her staff releasing the "cleansed" version of academic results to the media must come to an end. It would also help significantly if The Herald-Mail would actually investigate what goes on in the school system, instead of just reporting on what the administration tells them.

o Posted by niverd, Oct. 6
An interesting poll among the existing elected BOE members would be "Knowing what you know now, if you could go back in time, would you still hire our current superintendent?"

o Posted by teri49, Oct. 8
According to the Sunday Herald-Mail, the most important issue is knowing who the various candidates' favorite teacher was. So if you didn't know there was a School Board race before, at least now you know there is, and you know that at some point in their lives, the candidates all went to school and had at least one teacher they liked.
Good enough reporting for all us dummy Joe Six-packs, you betcha!

o Posted by thefig, October 8
I don't think so ... My best teacher was Capt Turnbow OCS Fort Benning.

This week's question

The best excuse for not voting in the upcoming national election is:

o My vote doesn't matter; once in, elected officials do whatever they want.

o I've been too busy to keep up with the issues.

o If I vote, they might call me for jury duty.

o Smarter people than me are more qualified to make the decisions.

o For me, freedom means the freedom not to believe in anything and the freedom not to get involved in political contests.

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