Letter to the editor

October 13, 2008

Can someone help us get rid of these stink bugs?

To the editor:

Please! To anyone out there who can help: We feel like prisoners in our home. We cannot go out our front door during the day from approximately 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. or the stink bugs will get in. You open the door and they literally fall on your head as we go to enter your own home. When we let our dogs in, the bugs hitch a ride on them and come in the house. We cannot open any windows because they can crawl through the tinniest cracks. They cover the house in the afternoon. Our deck is virtually unuseable. They get squashed in door frames and they can't be cleaned, but must be repainted.

They are congregating in the crevices of our car doors. We have tried many things to get rid of these very foul smelling pests and have found nothing that really helps. This is not an isolated problem everyone in our area are having the same problem's.


I understand they are not damaging crops at this time but is is only a matter of time until that happens.

They are in the house, garage, ceilings counter tops anywhere you can imagine.They are native to Asia not the U.S.! I guess if this were the White House, something could be done. They are driving us crazy! Is there any help out there? Please!

Cindy Whipple

(Editor's note: A reader reported good results when using Bengal roach spray. The Bengal company's Web site states that the spray's key ingredient is Pyriproxifen, which the University of New Hampshire Extension Service identifies as an insect growth regulator. Follow label directions and use caution when spraying any insecticide.)

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