Apple lovers take shine to event at Tayamentasachta

October 12, 2008|By KATE S. ALEXANDER

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - Apples are one of Franklin County's cash crops and the Tayamentasachta Center for Environmental Education honored 1,000 Granny Smiths, galas and delicious red and golden fruits the best way it knew how.

The 25th annual Apple Festival at Tayamentasachta is a celebration of all things apple, center Director Charles White said.

"Apples are a major part of our agriculture because Franklin County is number two in the state for apple production," White said. "This event is designed to educate families about the importance of nature, especially apples."

Apples were everywhere Saturday. From thousands of piping hot dumplings to bushels of fresh red and golden delicious varieties to even fresh cider, the apple took center stage.

But all around the apples, it was clear that there were more reasons to bring the family to Tayamentasachta on a beautiful fall day, White said.


Carolyn Baker, an art teacher at Greencastle-Antrim High School, grabbed handful after handful of straw and stuffed it into the small pair of sweat pants that would be the legs of a scarecrow.

"The key to making a good scarecrow is stuffing," she said.

Baker, Matt Jones, an art teacher at Greencastle-Antrim Primary School, and a group of Art Club volunteers helped children and adults stuff flannel and denim solutions into those pesky crows.

The entire festival, from the face painting, scarecrow stuffing and shopping, to the food, entertainment and education was "just wonderful," said Katrina Guthrie of Greencastle.

"I did not know what to expect when we heard about this," she said.

Watching her son, Hunter, pick put a pumpkin or enjoy the day with his Cub Scout Pack was a Saturday well-spent, Guthrie said.

"Everyone seems so happy," she said.

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